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Brahma Tech Freshmen Earn College Credits

Congratulations to the 78 Brahma Tech Academy freshmen in Computer Systems who passed the MT San Antonio College Articulation Exam (96% pass), earning 3.5 transferable college units. Students must pass all parts of a rigorous four part exam with three hands on sections consisting of cases in Excel, Word, and Access (database).
These students are also eligible to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint for industry Certification.
Student Name
Ang, Dylan
Barlas, Dua
Bhogal, Karan
Chang, Jacob
Chauhan, Krishnashish
Chen, Jacqueline
Chen, Kenneth
Cheng, Brandon
Cheng, Loretta
Chew, Kenneth
Chin, Nicole
Chiu, Collin
Cho, Samuel
Choi, Grace
Choi, Pearl
Dang, Erica
Delano, Ellie
Ear, Thomas
Gan, Jeremy
Gonzales, Adam
He, Benjamin
Hertanto, Ethan
Ho, Sherwin
Hong, Samantha
Houston, Melvin
Hsu, Alexander
Huang, Daniel
Huang, Mirabelle
Ip, Wesley
Kim, Toby
Ku, Arron
Lam, Kiet
Lam, Kyle
Lee, Ji Seob
Lee, Junho
Li, Kyle
Lok, Chris
Loyola, Nicholas
Lu, Shiqi
Medellin, Vicente
Molde-Duque, Anissa
Naji, Rami
Nash, Hailie
Nayak, Avinash
Ng, Teri
Ong, Shirlyne
Park, Ashely
Park, Steven
Pun, Zachary
Rajani, Aadi
Rane, Aishwarya
Real, Karyn
Samrick, Katherine
Seo, Andrew
Song, Kyle
Sun, Ruijiao
Susetyo, Eric
Tang, Calvin
Vellaiyan, Samyuktha
Wang, Kayla
Wang, Rachel
Wilson, Jaida
Wong, Andrew
Wong, Jimmy
Wong, Nathaniel
Wu, Christopher
Wu, Evan
Wu, Ryan
Wu, Tonia
Xie, Tristin
Yang, Elliot
Yao, Yichen
Yu, Benson
Zhang, Catherine
Zhang, Karen
Zhao, Jason
Zheng, Karen
Zhou, Christine