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Class of 2017 GLC News and Notes - Aug 16

Class of 2017 GLC News and Notes-August 16, 2016


Class of 2017 Students and Parents,


Welcome Back to School!


Wow-Senior year is here-hard to believe-time has passed so quickly.  Before we know it, we will be watching our students in the “Purple Parade” graduation processional on Thursday, May 25, 2017.

We welcome Mrs. Stephanie Duenas to the Class of 2017 as she fills the role left by Mr. Galeener upon his retirement last May.  Mrs. Duenas is fantastic and we are glad to have her as part of “The Best Class on Campus-The Class of 2017.”

As discussed in our summer registration meeting and included in the documents we presented to our students at the meeting, we will be issuing a Senior Bulletin approximately every 4-6 weeks this school year.  These will be emailed to you and they will also be posted on our Class of 2017 webpage at www.dbhs.org (Go to Guidance/GLC and then Class of 2017).  In addition, we will periodically send out a note like this one covering News and Notes.

Let’s bring you up to date on things…


  1. Our Expectations:  We met with our class today, Tuesday, August 16th, and spoke to every member of the senior class.  We reviewed our expectations of our students in regards to behavior, academics and as leaders on campus!  The PowerPoint presentation we used can be viewed on our website-please take a few minutes and review this as parents.


  1. Upcoming Events:
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday, August 23rdand August 24th:   University Admissions workshop conducted by Mr. Patterson and Mrs. Duenas.  These meetings will be held during lunch on these two dates.  We would like Mr. Patterson’s students to attend on Tuesday, August 23rd and Mrs. Duenas’ students to attend on Wednesday, August 24th.  This is simply to ensure we have enough seats for all attendees.  If a student can’t make their assigned day, it is fine to attend the other session.  Very important for all 4-year university-bound students to attend one of these workshops.  We will review the best way to ensure SAT/ACT scores are delivered to universities and when to send AP scores to universities.  We will also review the UC/CSU process and the Common Application and much more.
  3. Monday, September 19, 2016: WVUSD College Night to be held at DBHS in our gymnasium.  Close to 50 universities will be represented to discuss their campus with our students.  Now Mrs. Duenas and I hope our university-bound students have a list of potential universities already in place, this college night gives them an opportunity to learn more about potential “matches” for their post-secondary education.  Start time is 7:00 pm.
  4. Wednesday, September 21, 2016:  DBHS will host a representative from both the California State University (CSU) system and the University of California (UC) system in an informative Admissions Application Workshop.  The CSU and UC representative will review their respective applications and answer questions from our students and parents.  We encourage our students to come prepared to take notes and ready to ask questions.  The CSU application opens up on October 1, 2016; however, the UC application is now open and can be worked on by our students.  We encourage students to begin working on the UC application prior to the September 21stworkshop so they are prepared with pertinent questions and concerns.  Start time for this evening event will be announced in the very near future.  These workshops will be held in our DBHS Theater and the DBHS Golden Horseshoe.                                                       CSU:  Application is open on October 1, 2016.                                                                      

CSU Submission Dates:  October 1-November 30, 2016

UC Application is open now to work on.                                                                          

UC Submission Dates:  November 1-30, 2016


  1. Senior Portraits-If your senior has not made an appointment for their senior picture, please go to our school website and look for the Senior Portrait Information link.  Students should make an appointment ASAP for their senior photo.  Students need to use our school photographer “Mark Shot This Photography” if they want their senior photo to appear in the DBHS yearbook.


  1. On-Campus Senior Parking Lot:

The senior parking lot at Diamond Bar High School is located in the northwest section of our parking lot.  We have approximately 100 parking spaces available for our senior students who drive their vehicle to school.  The 100 spots are divided in the following manner:


FIRST:  First-Come First Serve Parking Spaces-  These parking spaces (approximately 50) are available to any senior who has registered his/her vehicle with DBHS and has been issued a parking sticker/decal on the car’s windshield.  Any car parked in these spots must have the DBHS issued parking decal on the front windshield.  Any student violating the parking conditions/rules may lose their parking lot privileges.  Parking decal enforcement will start Wednesday, August 17, 2016.


SECOND:  Lottery Spaces-These parking spaces (approximately 50) are reserved for a specific student.  These lottery parking spaces are numbered and only the student who has registered and paid for this space may park in the space.  Selected students will be issued a second decal with a parking space number on it which corresponds with the number on the parking space.  This lottery process will begin on Wednesday, August 17th.  Interested students need to submit their name via the Class of 2017 webpage via www.dbhs.org.  The sign-ups will be open through Sunday, August 21st.  Lottery parking spaces will be randomly assigned on Monday, August 22nd.


  1. Limited Day Pass: If your senior student ends his/her school day prior to regular dismissal time-3:00 pm, he or she must have a Limited Day Pass.  This is simply their DBHS Activity Card or ID Card.  Our guidance clerical staff of Mrs. Taylor or Mrs. Garcia will assist these students by placing a sticker on their Activity or ID card.  Students who have a Limited Day Pass must present this pass daily upon departure to our security staff at our gates.  If a student has forgotten their Limited Day Pass he/she has (2) options.  1st Option:  The student may elect to stay on campus in assigned areas until regular dismissal time of 3:00 pm.  2nd Option:  If the student must leave campus, then he/she should report to our Guidance Office and inform the staff of the situation.  A future Academic Detention will be assigned and this Academic Detention notification needs to be shown to our security staff by the student upon departure.  We must have this type of process in place to avoid multiple students forgetting their pass on a daily basis. 



See you soon,


Kevin Patterson and Stephanie Duenas

Grade Level Coordinators-Class of 2017