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Math Madness Team Wins First Bracketed Round, 40-35

Wednesday, November 2, over 60 Brahmas competed in this week's Math Madness competition. Because of our team's success last year, we have been moved up to Division I. Our team did not let us down in our matchup with the Northside College Prep Mustangs from Chicago, Illinois. With our top five scores being compared with our competitors, we won with a perfect score, 40-35. (Goes to show Chicago won't win everything this year.) In fact we had eight students who earned perfect scores.

Rankings (Brahmas receiving perfect scores this week):

· Benjamin Chen (8/8)
· Melody Zhao (8/8)
· Sean Ru (8/8)
· Rajvir Dua (8/8)
· Qinhong Chen (8/8)
· Sabrina Tseng (8/8)
· Matthew Ho (8/8)
· Peyrin Kao (8/8)