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Cast Of The Next School Musical Announced

Please congratulate the following students who have been cast in "In The Heights", a play by Lin Manuel Miranda.  This show requires excellent vocals, dancing, and even Spanish!  It is based in the  primarily Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York and tells the story of modern working class immigrant Americans struggling for the American Dream.

Congratulations to the Cast of "In The Heights":


Usnavi— Jaden Campbell

Nina— Ariana Gonzalez

Kevin Rosario— Daniel Durkee

Camila Rosario— Pilar Alcazar

Benny— Riley Mawhorter

Vanessa— Chloe Reyes

Sonny— Nick Azurin

Abuela Claudia— Charlotte Revilla

Daniela— Amelia Anijielo

Carla— Mary Thomas

Graffiti Pete- Matthew Lee

Piraguero— Niamh Velosa

Yolanda (Featured Dancer)— Julianna King

Jose (Featured Dancer)— Troy Hazama

Domingo— Arvind Singh

Ensemble:  KT Wirth,  Miranda Tejeda, Luke Teerling, Ashley Barela, Jolynn Zhang, Jenna Wong, Isabel Tuason, Ellie Desmond, Jeremiah Reyes, Allison Santogrossi, Aunicca Dionisio, Rae Martinez