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13 Brahmas Qualify To Take The AIME Math Exam


130 Brahmas chose to take the national AMC math exam on February 7, 2017. Of those taking the exam, the following 13 Brahmas scored high enough to advance to the AIME exam in March. Congratulations!

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) is a 15-question 3-hour test given since 1983 to those who rank in the top 5% on the AMC 12 high school mathematics contest (formerly known as the AHSME), and starting in 2010, those who rank in the top 2.5% on the AMC 10.

There are three levels:
• the AMC 8 is for students in grades 8 and below
• the AMC 10 is for students in grades 10 and below
• the AMC 12 is for students in grades 12 and below

CHEN, BEN                         Score = 138.0
CHEN, QINHONG               Score = 114.0
HO, MATTHEW                   Score = 114.0
HE, WILLIAM                       Score = 111.0
CHANG, DARIN                   Score = 109.5
KAO, PEYRIN                       Score = 106.5
YEH, TIMOTHY                   Score = 106.5
DUA, RAJVIR                       Score = 105.0
TSENG, SABRINA               Score = 105.0
SU, FELIX                            Score = 102.0
PENG, ERIC                         Score = 100.5
HONG, WEIWEN                 Score = 97.5
HUANG, DANIEL                 Score = 96.0

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) are the first of a series of competitions in high school mathematics that determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The selection process takes place over the course of roughly four stages. At the last stage, the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP), the United States coaches select six members to form the IMO team. The United States Math Team of 1994 is the only team ever to achieve a perfect score (all six members earned perfect marks), and is colloquially known as the "dream team".

Students who perform well on the AMC exams are invited to participate in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). Students who perform well on the AIME are then invited to the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) or United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO). Students who do exceptionally well on the USAMO (typically around 30 students) are invited to go to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP or more commonly, MOP), and six students are selected from the top twelve scorers on the USAMO (through yet another exam, the Team Selection Test (TST)) to form the United States International Math Olympiad Team.

The AIME is the second of two tests used to determine qualification for the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO), the first being the AMC.

The use of calculators is not allowed on the test.