Diamond BarHigh School

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"TOP 10" Students In Each Grade Announced

The following students applied and were selected as our “TOP 10” students for each grade by our United Student Body.  They will be introduced at the rally Friday, April 7.  Congratulations to these students for their overall academic achievement. 


c/o 2020

Ryan Lou

Courtney Chan

Tom Murickan

Mark Tan

Michael (Siyuan) Cheng

Elizabeth Peng

Jackson Lennon

Fiona Huang

Tiffany Chang

Eshaan Karia 


c/o 2019

Monica (Shiqi) Lu

Alice Wang

Catherine Zhang

Miranda Li

Grace Ge

Jason Zhao

Victor Chai

Daniel Mansour

Christine Zhou

Kenneth Chen


c/o 2018

Brian Chang

Sophia Kim

Valerie Tsao

Kaitlyn Lee

Cicily Deng

Irene Chang

Rajvir Dua

Hailey shi

Zaina Syed

Diana Lin


c/o 2017

Jezell Lee

Justin Ofori

Lovim Choi

Anna Liu 

Stephanie Pan

Ameer Alameddin

Frank Jiang

Claire Medine

Emily Ngai

Leslie Sim