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Senior GLC News & Notes #12


April 14, 2017


Class of 2017 Students and Parents,   


It is not over until it is over!  Upon our return to campus next Monday, April 17, we will have (25) school days remaining for our seniors.  Encourage you students to stay involved and engaged with their studies.   




  1. University Admissions Process: For those seniors who plan on attending a 4-year university to start their college education, now is the time to make a decision on what campus to attend.  It is very important for students to be “detail” oriented at this time and to monitor their emails with each university under consideration.  Students do not want to miss important announcements or deadlines at this point in the process.  READ YOUR EMAILS FROM THE UNIVERSITIES.  Most universities require your decision/commitment to attend their university by May 1st.  This is usually in the format of what is called the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). 


We have posted on the Class of 2017 page at www.dbhs.org a very helpful list of “Tasks to Do” for university-bound students.  It is geared towards students transitioning to a UC campus; however, the information will be helpful for CSU and private university students as well. 

Look for the following FILES on the Class of 2017 Webpage:




  1. Community-College Bound Seniors: If you are transitioning to MTSAC Community College, keep in touch with MTSAC and also Rachelle Romero, Career Technician here at DBHS.  Rachelle is located in our Career Center.  Mrs. Romero and your GLCs can assist with MTSAC or other Community Colleges.


  1. CSU and UC Bound Students:  Testing Requirements:

For CSU-Bound Students:  You may be required to take the EPT-English Placement Test and/or the      ELM-Entry Level Math test.  Check your Student Portal for information or contact the Testing Center at your destination CSU to inquire.

For UC-Bound Students:  The UCs have an exam called the Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE).  Students selected to take this exam should receive a letter in early April regarding exam requirements and testing location.


  1. DBHS Graduation Status: Based on the 6-week progress report, the GLCs have been in contact with any student, and parent of the student, if the student is in danger of not meeting graduation requirements.  This is a “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS” situation.  Based on upcoming 12-week progress reports, (April 18) we will be meeting with students, and their parents, who may be in jeopardy of not meeting graduation requirements.  



  1. Financial Aid-FAFSA:- As students start making their decision on where they will attend college it is important that they stay in touch and/or monitor their Financial Aid status with their destination college.  Contacting the Financial Aid office of the destination college to ensure all is up-to-date with the student’s Financial Aid package is an important step in this transition-to-college process.


  1. Appealing Admission Decisions:

When students receive a rejection from a university, we are often asked about the Appeals process.  Yes, some universities have an “Appeals” process for students.  The Appeals process is for students who believe they have “new and compelling” information for a university to consider that was not submitted via the regular admission’s process.  The Appeals process is not for students who simply want the university to “look at their application once again.”    Keep in mind that the decision to admit or not admit a student is a result of a thorough review of your application.  So, you simply appealing because you believe they must have missed something is not a reason to appeal-We suggest you do not proceed in this case. Now, if you have some “new and compelling” information that you did not submit with your application, you may consider the appeals process.


  1. Submitting AP Scores:

Reminder:  You only need to submit your AP Scores to the one school you will be attending. 



Seniors who need to send final transcripts to their college/university must do so through www.parchment.com.  You can also access PARCHMENT via our school website, www.dbhs.org.  Look for the STUDENTS Menu on the homepage and click on Transcripts.


It is the student’s responsibility to request/send a final high school transcript to their destination college.  Diamond Bar High School FINAL TRANSCRIPTS (Final Transcripts include All grades and a Graduation Date) will be ready to request and be sent starting Monday, June 5, 2017.  If you request your FINAL TRANSCRIPT to be sent prior to Monday, June 5, 2017 you will not be sending your final transcript-it will not have ALL grades posted and will not include the Graduation Date.  STUDENTS MUST WAIT UNTIL JUNE 5, 2017 TO REQUEST/SEND TRANSCRIPTS VIA PARCHMENT.  There is a fee, payable online, to send this final transcript via Parchment.


  1. Forgot to order your Cap and Gown for Graduation?

If for some reason you did not order your Cap and Gown for graduation….Ordered Caps and Gowns will be distributed to seniors on April 21st here on campus.  If you did not order your Cap and Gown, the company supplying them will have some available for purchase on April 21st.  Students in this situation will need to have $60 cash on that day and hope they have enough extra caps and gowns to sell to you.


  1. Senior Brochure:  In the next week or two, our Senior Brochure will be available and distributed.  This brochure will have a wealth of information about upcoming senior activities including the graduation ceremony.  Keep a lookout for this informative document!


Kevin Patterson    Stephanie Duenas    Julie Salas

Grade Level Coordinators-Class of 2017