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Names Of 2017 Prom Court Announced

Friday, April 28, the members of the 2017 Prom Court were announced. Prom Court members were chosen by a round of online nominations, followed by a round of online voting by the student body. These students will participate in Prom Week activities Congratulations to all.  


SENIOR GIRLS (c/o 2017) Court Members 

Alleigh Butler

Allyson Cantimbuhan

Brandy Baker

Michelle Tran

Nicole (Su Min) Kim

Noelle Murphy

Rachel Peng

SENIOR BOYS (c/o 2017) Court Members

Ameer Alameddin

Jonathan Estrada

Ryan Hazama

Sabir Rupal

Stuart Kusdono

Zachary Ding

 JUNIOR GIRLS (c/o 2018) Court Members

Ashley To

Felicia Fraguere

Kaitlyn Lee

 JUNIOR BOYS (c/o 2018) Court Members

Connor Magpayo

Cruz Rivas

Hampton Douglas