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Natalie Kim Awarded In Congressional Art Contest

Out of hundreds of entries, Diamond Bar High School sophomore Natalie Kim won Honorable Mention in the 2017 Congressional Art Contest. Her work was titled "A Thousand Wishes To Reach Hope".


Her work was accompanied by the following personal statement ---


A Thousand Wishes to Reach Hope:


No one lives a happy, perfect life. What makes everyone different from each other are the different ways we confront or face our painful moments. This artwork represents the hope I held on to whenever I felt alone. The gloomy colors in the background, representing my dark reality, contrasts with the colorful, bright thoughts. The dandelion represents "a wish", and the pigeons symbolize "messengers of heaven". I am blowing a wish to God, asking for help and for guidance. My biggest fear came from the ocean and as a young kid, it left me with a traumatizing memory. I used this specific setting to show my situation of what it truly feels to be alone and hopeless in life. As God is holding onto my hand and leading me forth, he is guiding me to the places outside my comfortable boundaries. Although in many moments in life I am scared and feel alone, I have a father I can rely on even in the scariest places or times. I call this my hope.


-Natalie kim