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2017 Mock Trial Team Announced

2017 Mock Trial Team



Thank you to all of you that tried out. It was an exceptional year for talented applicants.

Jeremy Barajas (12)

Courtney Chan (10)

Irene Chang (12)

Jung Ho Chang (11)

Emily Chen (9)

Hamzah Daud (11)

Cicily Deng (12)

Austin Kim (11)

Amelie Lee (11)

Erin Li (11)

Heidi Luo (11)

Ryan Luo (10)

Patrick Ma (11)

Pablo Martinez (12)

Angela Medina (10)

Andrea Monzon (11)

Abigail Nakaishi (11)

Rishil Pansuria (12)

Meghan Shen (12)

Marisa Umeh (12)