Diamond BarHigh School

All school campuses in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are transitioning to online instruction.

Track & Field Compete In First Meet

The DBHS Track & Field team opened the season at the Brea Relays invitational this weekend. Our Boys Varsity Team took 2nd place out of 18 teams. Our Girls Varsity Team took 7th place out of 17 teams. Here are highlights of some of the athletes who medaled at the invitational.



2nd Place:
(10th) Marissa Vasquez - 400m 
(9th) Jadyn Sanchez – 400 m


5th Place:
(10th) Cory Ung – 100 m

1st Place:
Girls Frosh/Soph Throwers 4x100m: 
(9th) Victoria Artale, (9th) Kyra Ruiz, (9th) Anna Chen, (10th) Jayda Smith


2nd Place:
Girls Varsity 4x200m Relay: 
(11th) Abigail Nakaishi, (12th) Clara Ru, (12th) Elise Hou, (10th) Marissa Vasquez
Boys Varsity High Jump Relay : 
(11th) Kailen Smith, (12th) Isaak Lugo, (9th) Daniel Marquez
Boys Varsity Throwers 4x100m Relay: 
(11th) Edbert Tjhan, (12th) Ryan Vargas, (12th) Josiah Yim, (12th) Matthew Rodriguez
Boys Varsity Sprint Medley Relay: 
(10th) Ricky Kuo, (9th) Jadyn Sanchez, (11th) Jeremiah Chukwudobe, (11th) Fernando Fraguere


3rd Place:
Girls Varsity 4x100m Relay: 
(11th) Abigail Nakaishi, (12th) Clara Ru, (12th) Elise Hou, (11th) Paula Williams
Girls Varsity Sprint Medley Relay: 
(10th) Marissa Vasquez, (12th) Clara Ru, (12th) Elise Hou, (11th) Paula Williams 
Boys Varsity Long Jump Relay: 
(9th) Daniel Marquez, (11th) Casey Lim, (12th) Joseph Ortega


4th Place:
Girls Varsity Throwers 4x100m Relay: 
(12th) Janet Wong, (11th) Faizah Ahmed, (11th) Sarah Milik, (12th) Samantha Blazek
Boys Varsity Triple Jump Relay: 
(9th) Daniel Marquez, (11th) Casey Lim, (12th) Joseph Ortega
Boys Varsity 4x100m Relay: 
(11th) Jeremiah Chukwudobe, (10th) Irwin Chen, (10th) Ricky Kuo, (11th) Fernando Fraguere
Boys Varsity 4X200m Relay: 
(11th) Timothy Lee, (10th) Ricky Kuo, (10th) Irwin Chen, (11th) Joshua Paik


5th Place:
Boys Varsity Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 
(11th) Junho Lee, (11th) Timothy Lee, (12th) Kilik Ov, (10th) William Luong
Boys Varsity 4x400m Relay: 
(11th) Timothy Lee, (11th) Joshua Paik, (12th) Joshua Paik, (12th) Cristopher Cardozo, (9th) Jayden Sanchez