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BADMINTON: Undefeated & League Camps

Friday, April 27, our BADMINTON TEAM, finished undefeated in league play and are the league champs. There were some surprises, as JV players competed and were able to win a medal.

The following players received medals in the following events:



Mixed Doubles

1st – Mirabelle Huang/ Conner Lam

2nd – Crystal Wai/Ambrose So

3rd – Jasmine Huang/ Brandon Zhou

4th – Claire Wang/Daniel Huang


Women’s Singles

3rd – Miranda Li

5th – Erin Zhou

Con’s Champion – Aimee Shao


Men’s Singles

1st – Ambrose So

3rd – Josh Lee

4th – Kaihao Wen


Women’s Doubles

1st – Jasmine Huang/ Mirabelle Huang

3rd – Woolim Kim/ Claire Wang

4th – Vanessa Do/ Lucy Zhang

5th – Crystal Wai/ Megan Lee


Men’s Doubles

1st – Connor Lam/Josh Hwang

2nd – Daniel Huang/Owen Che

4th – Brian Ng/Josh Lee

6th – Hanson Gao/Sabin Park