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SWIM TEAM: Update April 25

Senior Day Home Swim Meet / Quad Meet / First Dive Meet Results


On Wednesday, April 25th we had our last home league meet of this year. We honored the 27 seniors, who will be greatly missed next year with Ribbon Leis.  Our graduating seniors are:  Kelly Cheng, Max Chi, Aaron Colina, William Huang, Ethan Jin, Wesley Kao, Timothy Kho, Matthew Lee, Michael Lee, Brian Li, Kelsey Lloyd, Daniel Lo, Christian Park, Callandra Phan, Sophia Ramos, Eaman Tang, Raymond Tang, Ashley To, Bryant Tsai, Aaron Velarde, Matthew Waddell, David Wang, Steven Wang, Annie Wu, Thomas Wu and Katie Yip. We won all divisions the final scores were:

JV Girls DBHS 120 and Claremont 34.

Var Girls DBHS 86 and Claremont 84

JV Boys DBHS 134 and Claremont 26

Var Boys DBHS 138 and Claremont 23.


Contributing with top Three finishes in individual events were:

200 Freestyle

JV girls– 1st Grace Ge 2nd Michelle Yang and 3rd Megan Silva.  

JV Boys- 1st William Tan 2nd Kevin Lee and 3rd Jeffrey Lam

Var Girls 1st- Kelly Cheng

Var Boys – 1st Alex Hung  2nd Dylan Hou and 3rd Joshua Zhu


200 Individual Medley (IM)

JV Girls – 1st Helen Wu, 2nd Jasmin Antuna and 3rd Annie Wu

JV Boys – 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Aaron Kim and 3rd Jonathan Lee

Var Girls – 1st Valerie Chen and 3rd Selena Xia,

Var Boys – 1st David Wang, 2nd Brian Le and 3rd Nathan Chow


50 Free 

JV Girls – 1st Katie Yip, 3rd Eryn Lau

JV Boys – 1st Aaron Colina, 2nd Max Chi and 3rd Aaron Velarde

Var Girls – 1st Kelsey Lloyd, 2nd Anastasia Gani and 3rd Ashley To

Var Boys – 1st William Huang and 2nd Logan Morales 


50 Butterfly

JV Girls  - 1st Valerie Chan and 3rd Isabel  Cambiaso


100 Butterfly

JV Boys -  1st Everett Cheng and 3rd Sean Chang

Var Girls -  2nd Caitlyn Kanemitsu

Var Boys – 1st Matthew Waddell, 2nd Logan Morales and 3rd Stephen Lee


100 Free

JV Girls – 1st Grace Ge, 2nd Callandra Phan and , 3rd Zoey Meng

JV Boys – 1st Arron Ku, 2nd Steven Wang and 3rd Thomas Wu

Var Girls – 1st Kelly Cheng

Var Boys – 1st William Huang and 3rd Timothy Jia


500 Free

JV Boys - 1st Peter Han, 2nd Daniel Min and 3rd Noah Delgado

Var Girls - 1st Caitlyn Kanemitsu

Var Boys – 1st Kevin Vargas, 2nd Michael Lee and 3rd Vincent Cheng


50 Backstroke

JV Girls  - 1st Helen Wu and 2nd Isabel  Cambiaso


100 Backstroke

JV Boys -  1st Jerold Sandel, 2nd Alexander Hsu and 3rd Tim  Kho

Var Girls -  2nd Sophia Ramos and 3rd Althea Gani

Var Boys – 1st Nathan Chow, 2nd Aaron Tamura and 3rd Wesley Kao


50 Breaststroke

JV Girls  - 1st Callandra Phan, 2nd Annie Wu and 3rd Jennifer Yang


100 Breaststroke

JV Boys -  1st Ethan Jin and 2nd Jimmy Wong

Var Girls – 1st Kelsey Lloyd and  2nd Valerie Chen

Var Boys – 1st David Wang, 2nd Cyrus Phan and 3rd Timothy Jia


Please congratulate these swimmers if you have them in your class or see them around the campus.  

We had an exciting quad meet on Friday Night with some awesome competition. There were some exciting races! We had Riverside Poly, Centennial Corona and Murrieta Valley come compete with us. The scores were as follows:

Varsity  Girls 1st Place Riverside Poly with 347, 2nd Place Diamond Bar with 280 Points, 3rd Place Centennial with 240 Points and  4th Place Murrieta Valley with 187 Points 

Varsity Boys 1st Place Diamond Bar with 378 Points, 2nd Place Riverside Poly with 265 Points, 3rd Place Centennial with 261 Points and 4th Place Murrieta Valley with 152 Points.

JV Girls 1st Place Diamond Bar with 422 Points, 2nd Place Riverside Poly with 235 Points, 3rd Place Murrieta Valley with 181 Points and 4th Place Centennial with 122 Points.

JV Boys 1st Place Diamond Bar with 443 Points, 2nd Place Riverside Poly with 232 Points, 3rd place Murrieta Valley with 145 Points and 4th Place Centennial with 139 Points.

The Combined Overall Winners was Diamond Bar with 1,523 Points followed by Riverside Poly with 1,079 Points. The Brahmas with top 3 finishes were as follows:

200 Freestyle

JV girls– 1st Grace Ge 2nd Joyce Hong and 3rd Megan Silva.  

JV Boys- 1st William Tan 2nd Justin  Teng and 3rd Everett Cheng

Var Girls 1st- Kelly Cheng

Var Boys – 2nd Nathan Chow and 3rd Dylan Hou


200 Individual Medley (IM)

JV Girls – 1st Helen Wu, 2nd Jasmin Antuna and 3rd Isabel Cambiaso

JV Boys – 1st Kevin Lee, 2nd Joshua Zhu and 3rd Aaron Kim

Var Girls – 3rd Emily Lee,

Var Boys – 1st Kevin Vargas, and 3rd Cyrus Phan


50 Free 

JV Girls – 2nd Katie Yip

JV Boys – 1st Matthew Lee

Var Boys – 2nd William Huang


50 Butterfly

JV Girls - 1st Grace Ge and 2nd Place Eryn Lau


100 Butterfly

JV Boys -  1st Matthew Lee, 2nd Everett Cheng and 3rd Kevin Lee

Var Girls - 3rd Caitlyn Kanemitsu

Var Boys – 1st Vincent Cheng


100 Free

JV Girls – 1st Michelle Yang, 2nd Katie Yip and , 3rd Megan Silve

JV Boys – 1st Stephen Lee and 3rd Aaron Colina

Var Girls – 3rd Anastasia Gani

Var Boys – 2nd Nathan Chow and 3rd Timothy Jia


500 Free

Var Girls - 1st  Caitlyn Kanemitsu

Var Boys – 1st Kevin Vargas, 2nd Vincent Cheng and 3rd Matthew Waddell


50 Backstroke

JV Girls  - 1st Helen Wu, 2nd Valerie Chan and 3rd Catherine Ma


100 Backstroke

JV Boys -  1st Stephen Lee 

Var Girls - 3rd Althea Gan

Var Boys – 3rd Wesley Kao


50 Breaststroke

JV Girls  - 2nd Jasmin Antuna  and 3rd Michelle Yang


100 Breaststroke

JV Boys -  1st William Tan, 2nd Joshua Zhu and 3rd Aaron Kim

Var Girls – 3rd Valerie Chen

Var Boys – 1st Cyrus Phan and 2nd Dylan Hou


On Saturday we had our first dive meet of the season at Bonita’s Dive Invitational. Our diver Luke Huang came in 3rd Place with a score of 466.60 breaking the school record previously held by Prestin Li with a score of 435.75. 

We have a busy week ahead for swim and dive with League Finals taking place. The JV prelims will be held at Diamond Bar on Monday, April 30 and Varsity Prelims will be held on Tuesday, May 1st at Diamond Bar. On Wednesday, we will be attending the Palomares League Dive Meet with Luke Huang. Thursday the top 16 in every event will compete in League Finals here at Diamond Bar High!