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SWIM: League Finals Prelim Results

League Finals Prelim Results for our Swim Team


This is an exciting yet busy week for DBHS swim and dive. On Monday, April 30, and Tuesday, May 1DBHS hosted the Palomares League Prelims for JV and Varsity, with 494 athletes during the two day event. Wednesday, May 2, will be our League Dive Meet, hosted by Bonita at Las Flores Park.


Thursday, May 3, we will be hosting the Palomares League Finals starting at 3:15. Stop by to support our DBHS swimmers. The top 8 from each event come back for Finals. The top 9-16 come back for Consolation Finals. Below is a recap of both prelim sessions and the swimmers place going into league finals. We have 75 swimmers coming back out of our 96 total swimmers! 


Our JV swimmers broke five meet records on Monday. Grace Ge swam the 200 free in a 2:14.01 breaking the meet record! Alex Hong swam the 200 free in 1:51.00 and the 500 free in 5:10.02 for the new meet record. Matthew Lee swam the 100 fly in 58.52 for a new meet record. Lastly, Kevin Lee swam the 100 back in a time of 1:01.99 for a new meet record!


Top 16 Swimmers are as follows:


200 Freestyle

JV girls– 1st Grace Ge 3rd Jennifer Yang,  5th Megan Silva,8th Michelle Yangand 11th Breanna Yang.  

JV Boys- 1st Alex Hung , 2nd William Tan, 3rd Everett Cheng, 4th Arron Ku, 9th Jimmy Wong, 11th Thomas Wu and 13th Lucas Wang

Var Girls 3rd - Kelly Cheng, 5th Caitlyn Kanemitsu and 10th Nikki Yip

Var Boys – 2nd Vincent Cheng, 3rd Matthew Waddell, 4th Michael Lee and 5this Timothy Jia


200 Individual Medley (IM)

JV Girls – 1st Helen Wu, 2nd Isabel Cambiaso, 3rd Jasmin Antuna, 8thCallandra Phan, 15th Michelle Yang and 16th Annie Wu

JV Boys – 2nd Joshua , 4th Aaron Kim, 6th Ryan Lam and 7th Nick Sandel

Var Girls – 1st Kelsey Lloyd, 11th Emily Lee, 14th Ashlynn Woo and 18thSelena Xia

Var Boys – 1st Kevin Vargas, 2nd Brian Li, 3rd Nathan Chow and 7th is Cyrus Phan


50 Free 

JV Girls – 7th Catherine Ma and 16th Eryn Lau

JV Boys – 1st Aaron Colina, 5th Max Chi, 6th Aaron Velarde, 8th Alexander Hsu, 11th Dean Toliusis, 12th Jeffrey Lam, 15th Ethan Jin, and 16th Jared Keh

Var Girls – 5th Anastasia Gani, 13th Ashley To and Alternate Lauren Chung

Var Boys – 1st William Huang, 8th Nick Wong and 10th Logan Morales 


50 Butterfly

JV Girls  - 3rd Valerie Chan, 5th Eryn Lau, 11th Isabel Cambiaso, 14th Allison Liu and Alternates Allyson Valdez and Breanna Yang


100 Butterfly

JV Boys -  1st Matthew Lee, 2nd Aaron Colina, 3rd Jonathan Lee, 4th Everett Cheng, 5th Jerold Sandel, 8th Raymond Tang,10th Nick Sandel, 13th Jeffrey Lam, 14th Kevin Xie, 15th Andrew Park and Alternate Sean Chang,

Var Girls -  2nd Kelly Cheng, 6th Valerie Chen, 10th Sophia Ramos and 11thLauren Chung

Var Boys – 3rd Vincent Cheng, and 9th Logan Morales


100 Free

JV Girls – 2nd Grace Ge, 2nd, 6th Joyce Hong, 11th Jennifer Yang, 12thCatherine Ma and 14th Zoey Meng.

JV Boys – 2nd Arron Ku, 3rd Justin Teng, 4th Steven Wang, 5th Jonathan Lee, 8th Ryan Lam, 11th Dean Toliusis and 13th Ethan Chavarin

Var Girls – 5th Althea Gani, 11th Nikki Yip and 14th Ashley To

Var Boys – 1st William Huang,  2nd Timothy Jia, 4th Nick Wong and 6thStephen Lee


500 Free

JV Boys - 1st Alex Hung, 2nd Peter Han, 3rd Daniel Min, 8th Kevin Xie,  and 14th Noah Delgado

Var Girls – 4th  Caitlyn Kanemitsu

Var Boys – 1st Kevin Vargas, 2nd Matthew Waddell, 3rd Dylan Hou and 5thMichael Lee


50 Backstroke

JV Girls  - 4th Valerie Chan, 6th Helen Wu, 7th Megan Silva and alternates Kira Stout and Allison Liu


100 Backstroke

JV Boys -  1st Kevin Lee, 3rd Matthew Lee, 4th Jerold Sandel, 6th Peter Han, 11th Andrew Park, 14th Lucas Wang and 15th Steven Wang

Var Girls -  7th Sophia Ramos, 13th Althea Gani and alternates Emily Lee and Selena Xia

Var Boys – 1st Nathan Chow, 2nd Aaron Tamura, 8th Wesley Kao, and 11thStephen Lee


50 Breaststroke

JV Girls  - 1st Jasmin Antuna, 5th Callandra Phan, and 8th Annie Wu 


100 Breaststroke

JV Boys -  1st William Tan, 2nd Joshua Zhu, 3rd Justin Teng, 4th Ethan Jin, 5thAaron Kim, 10th Max Chi, 11th Thomas Wu, 13th Aaron Velarde and 14thJimmy Wong

Var Girls – 1st Kelsey Lloyd, 5th Valerie Chen, 8th Anastasia Gani and 9thAshlynn Woo

Var Boys – 1st Brian Li, 3rd Cyrus Phan and 6th Dylan Hou