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All school campuses in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are transitioning to online instruction.

4 Brahmas Earn Girl Scouts Gold Award

Congratulations to DBHS seniors Jackie Gabela, Jaclyn Martinez, Emily Ong, and Meghan Shen for earning the highest recognition in Girl Scouts, the Gold Award. Historically, only about 5% of girls who join the Girl Scouts organization go on to earn the Gold Award.

All four girls are members of Girl Scouts Ambassador Troop 2334, led by Lisa Kwan and Danielle Amaya-Martinez. Meghan, Emily, Jaclyn and Jackie dedicated over 80 hours to their individual projects.  In addition to their hard work, they all used their cookie money, raised over the last four years, and donations to fund their projects.

The following are the summaries of their individual projects.


 (Girl Scouts for 12 years.  Received her Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards)

Safe Space:  I re-designed the waiting area of the Diamond Bar High School Psychologist Office.  It was a dull and saddening area, with blue walls and classroom desks.  I painted the walls with calming colors, built and installed comfortable furniture, and added decorations.  I included colored pencils and coloring pages to help students relax, and hung a whiteboard to write daily inspirational quotes. The environment of the room changed to a relaxing and comfortable area.  My goal was to help students in distress feel more at ease while waiting to visit the school psychologist.


(Girl Scouts for 12 years. Received her Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards)

Safety in Athletic Performance: The project was created to allow student athletes at Diamond Bar High School and other schools perform to their best ability in the sport they love. I raised funds to purchase TVs and hardware that would play a video on a loop in DBHS weight rooms. This way, athletes utilizing the room can exercise with correct technique and form to avoid injuries before and during games, matches, meets, etc.  The work out video is also posted online so that other teachers or schools can use them for proper weight room exercises. 


(Girl Scouts for 13 years. Received her Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards.)

T-shirt Totes: About a year ago, I realized my family had an over abundance of old and unworn t-shirts. I reached out to the founder of Tote4Friendz, a local non-profit organization that gives totes filled with toiletries to the homeless. Inspired by the organization’s work and my previous knowledge of transforming t-shirts into bags, I went to work on this idea of re-purposing t-shirts into totes for my Gold Award Project. I collected donated items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, and other toiletry items from my local community. In addition to providing the homeless with a carrying bag and toiletries, my t-shirt totes will help reduce the waste of plastic bags and t-shirts in landfills. Overall, I, with the help of my local community, handmade over 400 t-shirt totes as hygienic packs for the homeless. I hope my work helped improve the lives of the homeless and made a positive impact to our environment.

MEGHAN SHEN (Girl Scouts for 9 years. Received her Gold and Bronze Awards.)

Fine Arts for Kids: I created and taught an art curriculum at the Quail Summit Elementary After School Program to combat the lack of emphasis on the Fine Arts at the elementary level.