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Jonathan Ho Comments On US-China Trade War

DBHS Junior Jonathan Ho was runner-up in Round 4 of the 2018 Knowledge@Wharton High School Comment & Win Contest in August.
“In a mere 175 words,” he “very much upheld the tone of true commenting in his thoughts” as he denounced the US-China trade war, described in “Inside the Economic Warfare Involving Tariffs and Trade” (kwhs.wharton.upenn.edu/2018/08/economic-warfare-tariffs-trade/).
“I honestly, actually didn’t expect to win or get close. I just entered when I saw that Round 4 was open and it seemed fun. I was just taking a break from preparing for the KWHS Investment Competition,” the junior said.
To enter, contestants had to showcase their critical thinking skills, reflective listening abilities, and storytelling abilities in a comment on any KWHS article, podcast, or video. All winners get certificates and recognition on KWHS and social media, with top prize winners receiving prizes. A total of 20 students were honored in the four rounds of the competition.