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Cal State Application Clarification

Good Afternoon Seniors,


If you are applying to the Cal States, there are a few things that have been brought to our attention that seem to be very confusing. When you enter in your course history, you will start to type in your course, then select the corresponding course on the drop down menu. If you do not see it on the drop down menu, try to find another way to look it up. For example, when you start to type in English IV, it doesn’t show up. Instead type in IV (the actual roman numeral), and then you will see English IV show up.   Remember you SHOULD NOT be typing in the entire course, you need to select a course from the menu that is attached to a 6 digit number  (for example: English IV - HGB9KR).



If you know that it is an A-G and you can’t find it on the list, please check this link below and look at the exact title. For example when you look for Spanish III H it does not show up but if you look at the link, the way the UC/CSU reports it is Spanish III (H) so if you type in (H) it will pop up.





Again, If you have questions, come by your GLC office. Don’t just type it in because you will be “red flagged” at each campus and they will have to go through your application by hand.  Make sure each of you A-G courses have the 6 digit id next to it.


I would like to take this time to tell you that we, the GLCs, are just the messenger and we don’t love anything about this application either. Please be patient, we will try to be patient as well!



Mr. Gonzales, Mrs. Burns, and Mrs. Salas