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This was the first week of single elimination competition. We are happy to report that our Diamond Bar High Mathletes defeated the Martin County High Tigers from Stuart, Florida , with a score of 32-30! That was close. Their next round will be held Thursday, November 8.
Our opponent will be Paul Laurence Dunbar High School from Lexington, Kentucky. Dunbar is a powerhouse who was ranked #3 in the nation at the beginning of the tournament. Currently, they have slipped to #7 and we have moved up to #24 in the nation. Clearly, we will have our hands full.
On this week’s contest, however, they scored 32. We also scored 32.
So, while they are a pretty heavy favorite, we will definitely have a shot at them.
In case of a tie, the TIME it took the top 5 students to complete the exam is used as a tie-breaker. So, not only do you have to be accurate, you have to be fast!
Timothy Yeh 7
Isaac No 7
Simon Wang 6
Christopher Lai 6
Jonathan Tan 6
Ryan Zhu 6
Emma Fu 5
Derek Wang 5
Sammi Zhang 5
Andrew Chang 5
Zijie Zhao 5
Keng Chit Lam 5
Tony Wan 5
Jonathan Ho 5
Andrew Shi 5
Warrick He 5