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Mock Trial Finishes 2nd In LA County

No, Queen is not playing, “We are the Champions,” but it was a still a special night.

The Prosecution put on a great show last night against a talented opponent, Chaminade High School, a private school in Los Angeles.

From the first lines of Hamzah Daud’s incredibly impressive, unflappable Pre-trial summation to Amelie Lee’s blazing closing rebuttal, every performance was stellar. Every member of DBHS’s two teams were there. There was never a doubt that they would be since the 26 of them have been like one team from the beginning (pictured). The 10 from Team B definitely left it all on the courtroom floor in their performance last night.

Following our competition Wednesday night, December 5, there was an award ceremony. Yuwen Wang (pictured) was given the award for Best Prosecution Pre-trial Attorney, a particularly prestigious award.   

A special thank you to Deputy DA Angela Brunson and Brahma Mock Trial alumnus, attorney Chris Moffitt, for their invaluable help throughout the season. It made all the difference.

Congratulations to our team and their hard working advisers Latitia Thomas and Margaret Ku.

2018 Team Member Roster


Jung-ho (Chris) Chang

Hamzah Daud

Austin Kim

Amelie Lee

Erin Li

Heidi Luo

Patrick Ma

Danny Mansour

Andrea Monzon

Rachel Sun

Yuwen Wang



Courtney Chan

Ryan Lou

Angela Medina

Sabrina Wu

Arella Yang



Cindy Chen

Emily Chen

Harris Daud

Aaron Hao

Phillip Ma

Crystal Tsao



Elise Kwon

Sharon Sun

Victoria Wang

Eileen Zu