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Ted Talks Return To DBHS

Wednesday, November 28, The Wellness Center’s TED-inspired talks returned to the Diamond Bar High School stage after last year’s teacher attendees were in total agreement that the event should continue.


“I believe the event was so successful because the student speakers were so passionate about their topics and prepared so well,” Wellness Center coordinator Sandy Davis said via email.


Approximately 80 students auditioned and 18 were selected to express their personal message on mental wellness.

NOTE: All of the Ted Talks were recorded and are now being edited. They will be posted as soon as they are available.




Natalie Aguirre: Gender Fluidity

Tristen Baca: Invalidation

Tom Murickan: Social Wellness

Juhi Doshi: Success: Redefined

Crystal Calero: Becoming Cleft Strong

Karen Shao: Friendship

Daisy Tseng: Is Social Media Killing Our Creativity?

Kayla Teng: Smoking/Vaping

Charlotte Tu: Jealousy

Niamh Veloso: Grief

Viviana Retamoso: Anger

Tricia Parker: Positivity

Andrew Lin: Shut up! You have an accent!

Victoria Wilhelm: Reducing the Stigma of Suicide

Salma Rashad: Where's the Truth?

Janice Kwon: Gender Equality

Kelvin Wang: Prove Yourself

Serena Fu: American Dreams