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Musicians Chosen For All-Southern Honor Groups

Recently, many Diamond Bar High musicians auditioned to become members of the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association's (SCSBOA) All-Southern High School Wind Ensemble, All-Southern High School Symphonic Band and All-Southern High School Honor Orchestra. They auditioned, individually, live before judges.
Of the approximately 1,600 students that tried out in Southern California, 248 wind and string musicians were accepted. Of those 248 musicians, 63 of them are Diamond Bar High students. Congratulations to all of those Brahmas!
Canonizado, Gabriel 12 Flute Wind Ensemble
Canonizado, Victoria 10 Percussion Wind Ensemble
Chai, Victor 12 Bassoon Symphonic Band
Chan, Justin 11 Bassoon Wind Ensemble
Chang, Christopher 11 Viola orchestra
Chang, Sean 11 Violin orchestra
Cheng, Andrew 10 Violin orchestra
Choi, Clare 10 Cello orchestra
Choi, Hannah 12 Percussion orchestra
Choi, Youngeun 11 Viola orchestra
Chu, Parker 12 Bassoon Wind Ensemble
Chun, Alex 11 Bb Clarinet Wind Ensemble
Chung, Johannah 12 Percussion Wind Ensemble
Chung, Joshua 11 Bb Clarinet orchestra
Dong, Shirley 12 Violin orchestra
Fang, Ashley 11 Flute Symphonic Band
Hao, Aaron 11 Violin orchestra
Ho, Jonathan 11 Piano Wind Ensemble
Hong, Abigail 9 Oboe Wind Ensemble
Hong, Alexander 10 Euphonium Wind Ensemble
Hong, Casey 9 Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Hong, Joyce 10 Violin orchestra
Hong, Samantha 12 Viola orchestra
Jeon, Cassandra 11 French Horn orchestra
Jong, Ashley 10 Violin orchestra
Kato, Kyle 11 Alto Saxophone Wind Ensemble
Kim, Jason 9 Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Kwak, Se Ho 12 Trumpet Wind Ensemble
Kwon, Christine 10 Viola orchestra
Langi, Cash 12 Percussion orchestra
Lee, Christine 12 Flute Wind Ensemble
Lee, Christopher 11 Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Lee, Yewon (Grace) 11 Violin orchestra
Li, Ryan 12 Tenor Saxophone Symphonic Band
Luo, Weilin(William) 9 French Horn Symphonic Band
Meng, Zoey 11 Violin orchestra
Miyahara, Amy 1 Oboe Symphonic Band
Miyahara, Erin 9 Euphonium Wind Ensemble
Montoya, David 12 Bb Clarinet Wind Ensemble
Naji, Rami 12 Bass Trombone Wind Ensemble
Nguyen, Patrick 12 String Bass orchestra
Nguyen, Perry 11 String Bass orchestra
No, Isaac 12 French Horn orchestra
Park, Heegun 11 French Horn Symphonic Band
Sharma, Rohun 11 Percussion Symphonic Band
Silva, Megan 11 French Horn Symphonic Band
Slack, Brian 11 String Bass orchestra
Song, Nathan 10 Bb Clarinet Symphonic Band
Tsao, Kelly 11 Violin orchestra
Wang, Ryan 11 Cello orchestra
Wu, Christopher 12 Bassoon orchestra
Wu, Lawrence 10 Bassoon Symphonic Band
Wu, Sean 10 Tuba Wind Ensemble
Yang, Emily 11 Violin orchestra
Yang, Michelle 10 French Horn orchestra
Ye, Frankie 10 Trombone Wind Ensemble
Yoo, Joyce 9 Violin orchestra
Yuh, Adrienne 11 Cello orchestra
Zhang, Catherine 12 English Horn Symphonic Band
Zhang, Patrick 11 Tuba orchestra
Zheng, Yuan Hong (Yolanda) 10 French Horn Wind Ensemble
Zhong, Hannah 10 Oboe Wind Ensemble
Zhou, Luke 10 Trombone Symphonic Band