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Bathroom Brigade Project Success

Diamond Bar High School’s Bathroom Brigade Reaches its Goal of a
Restroom Metamorphosis

January 20, 2009 – Diamond Bar

The Bathroom Brigade, consisting of 22 Advanced Placement Environmental Science students from Diamond Bar High School aims to rid waste, reduce deforestation, and save the Walnut Valley Unified School District money by switching the school’s paper towel dispensers into environmentally-friendly hand air dryers.

Throughout the semester, the Bathroom Brigade has held conferences with members of the WVUSD to discuss the conversion, and just recently, they have reached an agreement. The WVUSD has agreed to replace the paper towel dispensers with air dryers in the summer of 2009.

After thorough research, the Bathroom Brigade discovered that DBHS spends around $12,000 on paper towels per year, while the estimated cost of placing air dryers throughout the majority of the school’s restrooms amounts to only $6,000. The actual usage of air dryers is very inexpensive at an estimated $0.30 per hour of usage.

To persuade the Walnut Valley Unified School District to install the air dryers, the Bathroom Brigade started a petition in order to show WVUSD that the residents within the district support their cause and want air dryers. DBHS’ Open House as well as the Bathroom Brigade's rally proved to be essential events for the Bathroom Brigade to obtain signatures for the petition. In total, the Bathroom Brigade received hundreds of supportive residents’ signatures for the petition.

The Bathroom Brigade collected and recycled bottles throughout the semester in hopes of providing some financial aid to the district to help pay for the air dryers. Additionally, a yard sale will take place on Saturday, May 23 to further raise money for the donation.

In the end, the Bathroom Brigade has succeeded. The air dryers will be beneficial for both people and the environment. It will save the district $12,000 per year due to the absence of paper towels and reduce the negative environmental impact each student has by not using any paper towels in the school’s restrooms. Overall, the Bathroom Brigade has done its job in reducing deforestation, costs, and waste by eliminating the need for paper towels at DBHS.

Air dryers will be implemented this summer.