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All school campuses in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, including DBHS, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are transitioning to online instruction.

FBLA Wins Awards At Regional

Congratulations to our DBHS Future Business Leaders of America club who competed at their regional Inland Section conference on Saturday, February 9th.

They had over 60 Brahmas represent us this year. In addition, our chapter hosted the 3rd annual Shark Tank competition for the conference.

Overall Diamond Bar was able to place 3rd out of 17 participating schools. They had a member place in every event we competed in.

Thank you to DBHS advisers Mrs.Ruiz-Emmons and Mr.Watkins, as well as commercial music ROP teacher Mr. Hernandez, for supporting us.


Below are the attendees who placed in their events:

Accounting I

Mark Tan 3rd, Derek Shiu 5th, Jayden Zhang 7th

Accounting II

Mason Pan 7th


Raymond Cheng 1st,Erin Zhou 6th

Broadcast Journalism

Ryan Real 4th

Business Calculations

Mason Pan 4th, Prokkawn Majumdar 6th

Business Communication

Jodi Nguyen 2nd

Business Law

Ryan Lou 2nd, Maggie Liu 6th, Jonathan Ho 4th, Guarav Basu 8th

Computer Applications

Ryan Lou 1st, Brian Su 5th

Computer Problem Solving

Kenneth Chen 3rd

Cyber Security

Clara Wang 5th, Sean Chang 3rd


Jodi Nguyen 6th


Ainsley Doratan, Vanessa Chen 6th

Global Business

Jackson Lennon, Michael Cheng, Raymond Cheng 2nd

Health Care Administration

Hannah Lee 6th

Hospitality Management

Karyn Real, Ryan Real 5th

Impromptu Speaking

Karen Shao 3rd

Insurance and Risk Management

Abigail Nakaishi 2nd, Claire Wang 3rd, Breanna Yang 5th, Heidi Luo 8th

Introduction to Business

Karanvir Gil 3rd, Krista Tang 5th, Ainsley Doratan 8th, Derek Shiu 10th

Introduction to Business Communications

Nicholas Yu 4th, Serena Shi 5th, Sydney Chen 9th

Introduction to Business Procedures

Breanna Yang 1st, Serena Shi 2nd, Hannah Chen 5th, Akash George 6th

Introduction to FBLA

William Chang 9th

Introduction to Financial Math

Alan Wang 2nd, Jayden Zhang 9th

Introduction to Information Technology

Edmund Yu 6th

Introduction to Public Speaking

Anoushka Bhat 2nd

Management Decision Making

Karen Sha, Arella Yang, Abigail Nakaishi 1st


Ryan Li, Aaron Tamura, Brian Sun 2nd

Personal Finance

Brian Sun 8th, Erin Zhou 10th

Public Speaking

Courtney Chan 4th

Securities and Investments

Jonathan Ho 2nd, Mark Tan 7th, Kenny Chow 9th

Sports and Entertainment Management

Jackson Haynes, Audwin Chang, Andrew Wang 5th

Spreadsheet Applications

Maggie Cheung 5th, Justin Lu 7th, William Chang 8th

Future Business Leader

Aishwarya Rane 3rd