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Brahmas Compete In CAD Competition

We would like to recognize a group of hard working students who entered a Skills USA competition, under the categories of Introduction Drafting A (9th-10th graders) and Introduction Drafting B (11-12th graders) using CAD. On Saturday, January 26, there were so many competing drafting students that they had to open a second room. Below are the list of rankings of our students. The top 5 are to compete at state level. Almost made it this year! Next year we will.


Gracel Mutuc (ranked 11)


Althea Gani (ranked 6)
Logan Tang (ranked 7) 
Johnathan Ng (ranked 8)
Daniel Gad (ranked 11) 
Wesley Chu (ranked 12)
Shil Patel (ranked 17)
Saarth Trivedi (ranked 18)


Included is an example of what one of the students submitted for the competition.