Diamond BarHigh School

Finals Schedule  – Tues, December 17-19               Minimum Days  – December 18 & 19               Winter Break  – December 20 - January 4               First Day Of Spring Semester  – January 7
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Cooperative, respectful behavior in the classroom is necessary at all times. A student who is rude and/or disruptive in any way will be given a GLC referral. In addition, a student who does not adhere to classroom policies and to school policy regarding electronic devices, dress code, and food in class will be given a GLC referral.

Come to class prepared to work. That means you are toting the current textbook, writing materials, and reading book, if applicable.

Eating in class is not allowed. Water is the only accepted drink in class.



- All homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise instructed. Late work will not be accepted. 


- When you are absent, you are responsible for all missed work. You have the number of days you are absent to make up your work, including tests and quizzes, unless otherwise instructed. It is YOUR responsibility to speak with the instructor regarding the work assigned during your absence. Work submitted after the allotted time is late work and will not be accepted.


- All work must be done in blue or black INK, unless otherwise instructed! If you do not have a pen, blue or black ink, and are unable to get a pen, blue or black ink, let me know and I will provide you with one. Points will be deducted from work completed in pencil or in ink that is not blue or black, unless otherwise instructed.

- All work must be neat and legible. Students will not receive credit for any work submitted that is messy and/or illegible.             



- Long-term assignments are those that extend more than one night.

- Long-term assignments are to be turned in on the day they are due at the beginning of the class period.

                              LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!



Attendance is essential to your success in this class. Poor attendance will inevitably result in a poor grade in the class and/or removal from the course. Attending class on time is also essential. Being tardy is disruptive to your learning, as well as to the learning of the other students in the class. Please be aware of the school's tardy/truancy policy. This policy will be followed in class.   



            •All work is divided into two weighted sections:

Tests, Quizzes, Essays = 70%

Class work, Homework, Projects = 30%

The letter grades are determined by percentage. The scale used is as follows:

            100-90 = A

              89-80 = B

              79-70 = C

              69-60 = D

            59 and below = F



Cheating is wrong and unacceptable behavior. To avoid cheating, follow this simple rule: All work submitted under your name must be your original work. 

•Cheating will be dealt with according to school policy.