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It is very important to be in class every day.  Most days it will be difficult to reproduce the classroom learning experience.  If a student does miss a day, it is their responsibility to get all work from the instructor or a classmate.  Tardiness will be dealt with in accordance to school policy.
This is the most essential component of this class.  All homework is important and will often build on itself.  Absolutely no late work will be accepted.  A missed assignment not only lowers the student’s grade but will impact the learning and performance throughout the unit of study.
Students will be expected to positively participate in class.  Many of our assignments will be performance-based and require active participation in all phases.
Mature student behavior is a must for a positive and successful learning community.  I will not tolerate improper behavior.  The use of electronic equipment will be dealt with according to school policy.
Grading is based on a 10 point scale with most homework/classwork being worth 10 points.  Quizzes, test and other assignments will have the point value determined at time of assignment.


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Benchmark #1 Essay-Due Monday upon arrival

     Must Be Handwritten
The policies and customs of civilizations dating back from as long as 2,000 years ago have influenced many modern democracies. 
From the list below, choose 2 and identify practices that originated there and are seen today in modern governments.
Ancient Greece            Ancient Rome                        Medieval England
Renaissance Italy        Revolutionary England          French Republic