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Welcome to Mrs. Hansen's Website
MACH 5:  Periods 1 & 6
CALCULUS BC:  Periods 2 - 4
This class is a college level class with the final goal being the AP Test in May.
We will have homework every night and on test days.  It is your responsibility to stay informed.  Assignment sheets/, worksheets,calendars etc will be available on this website.  It is expected that you make copies of all necessary items and bring them with you to class.  If I specifically ask you to bring something to class, I expect you to have it.  You will not be allowed to pull out your phone.
Lack of preparation will result in a loss of  points. 
Not following directions will result in a loss of points.
You do NOT have to bring your books to class everyday.  You may leave them at home in a safe place.  I have a class set of calculus books for Calc 1/MACH 5, that you may use during class when time permits. 
I am really looking forward to an exciting school year and I hope you are too. 
My advice to you all is to come prepared to class everyday, keep up on your homework, pay attention in class, ask questions when you need help, do your very best every day, and keep an open mind.
From this day forward, 5, should be your favorite number!!
Please look ahead at your calendars and print off all worksheets needed for the week. 
Print off several Stamp Sheets and have them with you - no homemade stamp sheets will be accepted.
Be prepared everyday.