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Van Horn, Janna » New USB 2015!

New USB 2015!

Congratulations to the new United Student Body for 2015!!!

 Thank you to all the applicants. 

We will be having an informational meeting soon, please stay tuned for more details.

Acciani, McKennaHospitality
Ahn, HyunseoAdvertising
Appali, ShefaliSpirit
Chai, Daniel c/o 2015 President
Chang, DorisAcademics
Chang, IanTechnology
Chen, Julia Speaker of the House
Chen, TinaIOC Chairperson
Choi, KylieAcademics
Douglas, Hamptonc/o 2018 President
He, LindaAudio
Hwang, Rachelc/o 2016 President
Jo, RachelBrahma Foundation Rep. 
Kang, JoyceVice President
Kim, JustinSecretary
Kwok, IsabelleVisual Communication
Lee, ChantalArt
Lee, JoyceStudent Store
Lee, KevinPresident
Lee, MatthewVisual Communication
Lee,(Sunmin) AshleyStudent Store
May, SabrinaSpecial Projects
Nayem, NishatSocial Activities
Pak, Morganc/o 2017 President
Parent, BrandenAudio
Park, LaurenAssemblies & Rallies
Park, Se JinPerforming Arts
Patel, VedaAttorney General
Perlaza, TatianaSpecial Projects
Qadri, MuntahaAssemblies & Rallies
Rojas, MikoAthletics
Santos, NickPerforming Arts 
Shi, HaileyArt
Song, AprilFinance Director
Song, DavidSocial Activities
Sun, JennyAdvertising
Wang, RebeccaSpirit
Wang, KittyHospitality
Yan, FionaAthletics
Yun, JennyBrahma Booster Rep. 


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About the Dance Department

About the Dance Department   The Dance Department at Diamond Bar High School is known for its long-standing tradition of excellence.  Students who enroll in dance classes will have the opportunity to take part in professional quality stage productions.  Pep rallies, school performances, and master classes with guest teachers.  Students may take Dance for either Physical Education or for Fine Arts Credit.     Being in a dance class is a great opportunity to get involved as a Brahma while doing something you love.