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Extra Credit

Check back to this page often for new ways to earn extra credit in A2TH!


Celebrate a Hero on Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Read the article at this link: http://king.dbhsmath.org and neatly hand write a paragraph (4 to 6 sentences) explaining what you found interesting about the article. No credit if Miss Lordi can not read your writing.  Submit this in class by Tuesday January 21.


Page 390, Number 57: Carefully write out a calculation that proves that the limit of these expressions, as the number of them goes to infinity, is sqrt(2).  This must be done and submitted in class by November 20.  Your work must be complete, clear, readable, and YOUR OWN.  If your work does not satisfy all of the above, Miss Lordi will NOT give it a grade.
Help Set Up The Classroom: Come after school on Wednesday August 14 (from 3:15 to about 4:30) to help set up the A2TH classroom.  We will be using YOUR ideas to organize the materials and walls of the classroom.  Come ready to work!
Earn extra credit by taking Math Team CML tests (California Mathematics League).  Go to www.dbhsmath.org to find the dates and instructions for the next test!  Look for the link for the California Mathematics League.
 Do you need to raise your test scores?  Here is a way to do it.  Once a test is graded and returned to you, do the following:
  • On separate paper, neatly rewrite each problem you did not answer correctly from the test.
  • Redo the problem, showing all steps and work leading to a correct solution.
  • Explain in two or three complete sentences, for each problem, why you think you got it wrong on the test.
  • Come in at lunch to personally go over your new work with Miss Lordi

Your work and your statements must be neat and organized.  When you come in to go over the test with Miss Lordi, you must have your original test answer sheet and questions as well as your new work.

You must bring your work into Miss Lordi within THREE DAYS of the graded test being returned to you.  Miss Lordi may ask for further corrections and give you another three days.  If everything is perfect, the teacher will add 2% (about 20  points) to your test score.  You can not use this extra credit to raise your test grade above 70%.