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Welcome to the homepage for my Administration of Justice classes. Since 1986, students and parents have used my website to check the due dates of assignments, view the class calendar and access important information regarding the class. If you have specific questions regarding grades, please send me an email and I will try to get back to you within the next 24 hours. I have found the use of email system to be the most effective communication tool, and I am more accessible using the email system on the Internet than by telephone.

Parents can also reach me by calling the school at (909) 594-1405 and asking for extension 33567 between 9:00 and 9:10 or by leaving a message for me with the switchboard. Since my retirement from full-time teaching in June of 2010 at Walnut Unified, I now teach just two Mount San Antonio College Courses, "Administration of Justice" and "Concepts of Criminal Law" offered through the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program from 07:00 to 09:00 daily. Unfortunately this makes reaching me by phone more difficult. If you leave a message or send me an email I will contact you as soon as possible. 

Who is Mr. Salyer?
I graduated from Ernest J. King High School in 1964 located at the United States Naval Base in Sasebo, Japan. Shortly after graduating my father was transferred to the United States Naval Base in Long Beach, California. In 1966, I joined the United States Army, completed basic training at Ford Ord, California, advanced training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and then attended Officer Training School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Upon completion of Officer Candidate School, I received a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army artillery. After completing a three year tour of duty I decided not to pursue a career in the United States Army and was honorably discharged as a First Lieutenant in 1969. After returning to California I applied to and was accepted to attend the California Highway Academy in Sacramento. After graduation from the CHP Academy I was assigned to the Baldwin Park area office as a State Traffic Officer and later was promoted to the rank of sergeant. 
I first began teaching at Diamond Bar High School in 1984 after retiring from the California Highway Patrol. My retirement from the CHP was the result of being struck by an automobile driven by a drunk driver on the San Bernardino Freeway. While on a traffic stop at 5:05 AM, I saw a motor vehicle drift off the freeway lanes of travel out of control onto the shoulder of the freeway. The vehicle proceeded to pass between the right side of my patrol car and the freeway perimeter fence at approximately 65 mph. The out of control vehicle was approaching the location where I was talking with the driver of a truck and trailer combination which had been stopped for speeding. When I realized the vehicle was approaching the location of myself and the truck driver I immediately pushed  the truck driver out the path of the errant vehicle so he would not be hit. Almost immediately I was struck by the vehicle and knocked 25 feet ahead of the truck that had been stopped for speeding. I sustained injuries to my left elbow and right knee requiring extensive surgery to repair a shattered elbow and knee. After being retired from the Highway Patrol, I continued my education at California State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science and Administration of Justice.

During my 33 years at Diamond Bar High I have taught World History, United States History, SRC, and Administration of Justice. While teaching full time at Diamond Bar High School I coached Junior Varsity Women's Basketball for six years and the Varsity Women's program for seven years during which time our Varsity woman's teams won 5 Sierra League Championships. In addition to teaching at Diamond Bar High School, I have taught 20 years of DMV traffic violator school, 18 years of American Red Cross CPR/First Aid classes, and Criminal Justice Classes at the college level for over twenty years. I retired after 24 years from full time teaching at Walnut Unified School District in June of 2010 and continue to teach two Administration of Justice classes through Mt San Antonio College in which students can qualify for 6 semester units or 9 quarter units of college course credit. 
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York
Family: Wife - Winnie and two daughters Karen - Social Science Teacher and Kim - College Psychology Professor!
States lived in: New York, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, California 
Countries and Places Visited: Vietnam, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Vatican, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Samoa, Japan, Thailand, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Curacao, India, Suez Canal transit, Brunel,  Singapore, Malta, Monaco, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Panama, the Panama Canal transit, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Gibraltar, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.
Education: California State University, Bachelors Degrees in Social Science and Administration of Justice with a Minor in Sociology (completed March 1980) - Mount San Antonio College, Associate Arts Degree in Administration of Justice (completed in July 1977).

Teaching Credentials Held:

1. Community College - Administration of Justice
2. K-12 Social Science
3. Vocational - Administration of Justice
4. Vocational - Supervision and Coordination 
Military and Civil Service: United States Army, Artillery Officer, 1st Lieutenant 1966-1969, honorably discharged.  California Highway Patrol Sergeant - 1972-1984 disability retired after being struck by a drunk driver who lost control of his vehicle on the W/B 10 Freeway in West Covina. While on a traffic stop for speeding at 5:00 AM, I pushed the driver out of the path of the out of control vehicle before I was struck by the drunk drivers vehicle sustaining major injuries.
Favorite Movies: Fireproof, Memphis Belle, Taking Chance, Officer and a Gentleman, Facing the Giants
Hobbies: Playing golf, bowling and traveling around the world.
Favorite Quotes:
    “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein
    “I love the bubble of my mind.” — Jane Alexander
    “The first rule of holes--when in a hole, stop digging.” — Denis Healy
    "Today's choices shape tomorrows future" — Unknown
         "Rule # 1: I am always right
         "Rule # 2: If you think I am wrong see Rule #1 --- My Wife 


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