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 Parents, Students and Alumni,
In order for current and past students to access their official transcripts, we have adopted a new transcript distribution system through Docufide by Parchment. This well-established transcript service enables users to instantly send transcripts to their institutions of choice.
Click on the link at the bottom of this page and complete the registration process. The following information is required and very important, in order to accurately register thru Parchment:
Be sure to use ONLY ONE email address per student
Register using your LEGAL NAME
Current residence address
Include your Date of Birth
Year of Graduation 
Using Docufide will enable users to request a transcript(s) for personal use, send to universities, scholarship foundations and/or the NCAA Eligibility Center.

DOCUFIDE only supplies transcripts dated 2008 and after.  If you need a copy of a transcript dated before 2008, you will need to request a copy in person, directly from Myoung Han, Registrar at Diamond Bar High School. A photo ID is required. There will be a $5 charge for each transcript requested. You will need to supply year of graduation, graduation name, and birthdate. The turnaround time is between 24-48 hours.

Special Note for Current Seniors – The CSU and UC schools do not want transcripts during the school year. They will only want a Final transcript at the end of the year when you have made the commitment to attend their university. Also, if you are applying to a private school that uses the Common Application, the transcript is part of the “School Report” that your GLC sends. You do not need to send a transcript to Common App schools at this time. The only reason you should be sending a transcript to a college during the school year is if the transcript is the only school document they are requesting from you and they are not a CSU or UC and not on Common App.
David Hong
Assistant Principal