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Finals Schedule - December 16-18             Minimum Days - December 17 & 18             Winter Break - Dec 19 - Jan 3

Senior Year!!!

Seniors, Class of 2020                                                                    Updated 12/10


READ THE SENIOR BULLETIN! IT COMES OUT MONTHLY AND IS FILLED WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION. All Senior bulletins can be found below and are emailed to parents and students monthly.



Upcoming Dates to Mark on your Calendars:

FAFSA Application is NOW available to complete. It is best to complete as soon as possible and funds will begin to be disbursed to Universities based on your application submittal.    https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa


Remind text messaging application 

Please sign up for the new Remind accounts to receive communications directly from your GLC’s. We switched to new accounts because Remind set new limitations and capped each class at 150 students per class. Please make sure to sign up for the correct account so there is enough room for all students. PARENTS, please use the Parent accounts to sign yourself up if desired. If you are not signed up for the correct account I will likely have to delete you and have you sign up again as we are limited in space. PLEASE SEE THE PDF BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THESE NEW REMIND ACCOUNTS.


Letter of Recommendation 'Senior Profile'

We have uploaded the document you will use to request Letters of Recommendations. Please find the Senior Profile at the bottom of this page. If you notice any issues you can send an email to Mr. Natividad mnatividad@wvusd.k12.ca.us


Letters of Recommendation 'Senior Profile' Packet must be completed and submitted to your GLC by:
NOV 1st (EA/ED) Deadline: Thursday, September 5, 2019
Regular Decision Deadline: Thursday, September 26, 2019




We are moving to Downtown DB (The Portable buildings)

Ms. Auten - room 734

Mr. Natividad - room 708


Please see the Class of 2020 Senior Student/Parent Information Handbook below.


We met with every Senior on Tuesday 8/13 and went over all the information in the Due Process PowerPoint below. Please read through it if you were absent.


Fastweb is a great website with many opportunities. Make sure to check the GLC/Guidance page of our dbhs.org website. Look at all the tabs on the right-hand side and towards the bottom is a link for "Off-Campus Opportunities" and "Scholarships." Please make sure to check there regularly to find out about summer opportunities and other off-campus programs.

College Board Opportunity Scholarships: 

This opened to the class of 2020 on December 10th. Turn your efforts into scholarships. The more effort you put in, the more opportunities you have to earn a scholarship. Complete all six steps, and you’re eligible to earn $40,000. Scholarships will be awarded through monthly drawings to students who complete each action.


California Career Zone is a great website for career exploration. You can also continue to log in and use the California Colleges website in order to keep track of your A-G requirements, GPA, and research California Colleges by majors. Both are great resources to help with your college selection.
Also: Download the UC/CSU Approved Course list CLICK HERE

MiscellaneousPlease help your students clear up any absences by writing notes or calling the very next day after an absence.  Your children are responsible for getting their absences cleared the day after an absence and know they will receive discipline for any absences not cleared after that time.  Oversleeping is not recognized as a valid excuse and students who oversleep should expect the consequences associated with unexcused absences.


Cell phones can be a major disruption and safety concern and should be turned off at all times during the school day except lunch and brunch.  Please help us by telling your students to keep their phones turned off and reminding them that they can check messages from you during lunch and brunch.  In case of an emergency, they can easily get in touch with you by going to the attendance office to use the school phone or by seeing their GLC.


Please see the school website dbhs.org for all the latest news and announcements. The Bull Sheet is posted there weekly with the announcements the students receive in their classrooms. These announcements have important reminders, deadlines, tryout dates for clubs, activities, and much more.


DBHS RULES AND EXPECTATIONS: Please read the student handbook/planner to familiarize yourself with campus policies. See the PowerPoint Presentation below as GLC's have met with all sophomore as part of our Due Process meeting. This meeting allows us to review school rules and expectations. Look for 'Sophomore Due Process Meeting' PowerPoint Presentation.

  1. COMMUNICATION: Do not hesitate to ask your GLC for help. We are your advocates on campus and are happy to assist you. Most problems that occur on campus could and should be avoided if the students involved simply seek our help first! Please be proactive, not reactive.
  2. ATTENDANCE: Be on time every day! If you are legally absent from school due to illness or a doctor/dentist appointment, you must bring in a signed note from your parent or legal guardian upon returning to school. Oversleeping is not a legal excuse to be late or absent. Your parent/guardian must clear the full day absence within 2 days. Period absences (ex: missed 1st period only) must be cleared by brunch the following day. Detentions/SWAPs will be issued if they are not cleared. Attendance number: 909-594-1860
  3. HOMEWORK: Completing ALL assignments on a regular basis is essential to success in the classroom. Parents- please take advantage of Parent Portal to monitor grades.
  4. CLOSED CAMPUS: You must never leave campus without permission! If you leave anytime other than your last class, you must sign out through the attendance office. If you arrive to school late, you must sign in with the attendance office.
  5. CELL PHONES & iPods: Brunch & lunch ONLY! Not passing period. Not during class. Don't do it...you WILL get a SWAP!
  6. DRESS CODE: Please make sure to adhere to the dress code that is on the school website and in the student planner. No midriffs, Non-DBHS headgear, strapless tops, and halter tops. First-time violations will result in a SWAP 


Ms. Auten and Mr. Natividad