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Senior Breakfast — Mon, May 23           Finals Schedule — May 24-26           Last Day / Graduation — Thurs, May 26


As we said in our visits with you last week, do your best to finish strong for the first semester.  You've pushed all semester, make that final push and get grades that reflect your efforts!  If you do end up with an F in a graduation requirement, your GLC will be in touch about how to get back on track for graduation.  If you end up with a D that needs to be made up for CSU/UC admissions, your GLC will be in touch about that as well.  If you earn a D or an F, or if you drop a class, you need to notify all the colleges to which you've applied. 
But most importantly, do your best to shut down the academics during the upcoming break and really relax and unwind.  Yes, catch up on sleep, but also make an effort to spend quality time with friends and family.
Please read the Senior Bulletin every month!  It's emailed directly to you and your parents on the first of each month, and it's full of information that will help you fill out college applications and begin the financial aid process.  The Senior Bulletins will always be posted on this page as well.
If you wanted a letter of recommendation for a private school, you missed the deadline (October 1st).  If you're still hoping to request a letter AFTER missing the deadline, first be realistic about the situation you've put yourself in, then please read the entire Class of 2022 Senior Letter of Rec Packet document below and also watch the entire video on our video page, and then finally go talk to your GLC.
If you missed our Due Process presentation or would like to view it again, click this link - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSzqHDGFPfCyW4DF4hmYVWmwp_sU43oOnpY6rAGXCqehwY9AsHhgOZuGbTyWGtWa9lO8hrdhyq05lQf/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000. This year's Summer Registration Packet is also below.
Looking forward to an awesome second semester when we return in January!
- Mrs. Brummett, Mr. Galeener, and Mr. Desmond