Diamond BarHigh School

Finals Schedule - December 16-18             Minimum Days - December 17 & 18             Winter Break - Dec 19 - Jan 3


Class of 2022,

Welcome to the start of the 2019-20 school year, mighty sophomores!  One week down and hopefully a good start to the first semester for all of you.  Remember that your UC/CSU GPA is based on grades earned in 10th and 11th grades, so buckle down, work hard, and bring in grades that reflect your effort and smarts!
The incomparable Mrs. Brummett is out on maternity leave until December, and we are fortunate enough to have Mr. Galeener filling in for her while she's out.  Mr. Galeener's office is the same as Mrs. Brummett's from last year (425 next to the elevator on the lower floor of the science building), and Mr. Desmond's office has moved to 722 in Downtown DB.
We presented all the school rules at our Due Process meeting on August 14th, and that Power Point presentation is included below, along with our summer registration packet for sophomore year.
If you have any questions or just want to chat, please come see us!
- Mr. Desmond and Mr. Galeener

Find us at brunch & lunch!


Mr. Desmond: Behind 400, 500, 600 buildings / 700 building (Downtown DB)


Mr. Galeener: Middle bridge