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Class of 2018,

We're well over half-way through senior year, but you must stay focused!  Remember to work hard and earn grades you're proud of so A) you don't mess things up for graduation by failing a class you need to earn a diploma and B) you don't mess things up for a university that has accepted you by earning a D or F in any class.  If you are doing poorly in any class, please speak with the teacher immediately about how to improve your grade (the answer probably involves doing all of your homework, including reading all assignments and studying for all tests).
The Senior Bulletins provide information about what you should be doing each month to prepare for college and senior year.  Be sure to look for the Senior Bulletin in your School ID gmail account and your parent's email on the first of every month during senior year, but it's also right here on this webpage.
Your time left on campus is short, so continue to be the wonderful class you have been and finish the year right!  Treat your teachers and other adults on campus with respect. Be kind to your family members and friends and classmates, and help each other out. Most of all, have a wonderful senior year!
Mr. Desmond & Mrs. Brummett

Find us at brunch & lunch!


Mr. Desmond: Downstairs Main Lunch Area


Mrs. Brummett:  USB Bridge