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Athletic Training Room Info

Diamond Bar Athletic Training Room Hours
  • The athletic training room will be available to all in-season athletes from 12:45-2:45pm. Off-season athletes may be seen during non-peak hours (generally 12:45-1:45pm, 6-7pm) for evaluation only. Off-season evaluations are not guaranteed.
    • An athlete is considered in-season beginning three weeks prior to the first possible schedule contest (per CIF).
    • All off-season injuries may be evaluated (pending availability) and referred to the Health Office for care. The athlete should make an appointment with their primary care physician for further evaluation and treatment.
  • The athletic training room will open at 12:45pm and remain open until 30 minutes after the last home game or varsity practice, (usually 7pm).
    • From 12:45-2:45pm the primary focus will be on practice/game preparation (taping, heat, etc.).
      • The athletic training room is an equal access facility; athletes will be treated on a first-come first-served basis (except for emergencies). Exceptions:
        • One athlete has a practice time earlier than another.
        • Athletes preparing for games are given priority over practice athletes.
        • Emergency situations will take precedence over all others.
    • From 3pm onward the AT will be located at football practice (Tuesday-Thursday during the fall season only), or at any home game venue (based on level of risk).
      • Emergency situations for all other sports will be communicated to the AT by the head or assistant coach, in accordance with the Emergency Action Plan
  • The athletic training room will only be open on Saturdays for all scheduled competitions, closing 30 minutes after the competition ends.

Diamond Bar Athletic Training Room Rules
  1. No one is to be in the athletic training room without the permission of the certified athletic trainer. No athletes are to be in the athletic training room without the certified athletic trainer present.
  2. No coaches or administrators will allow athletes into the athletic training room without direct supervision.
  3. No equipment or supplies in the athletic training room may be utilized and/or taken from the athletic training room by any sports team, coach, or athlete without permission from the certified athletic trainer.
    • Equipment issued to a team or athlete by the athletic trainer will be documented on the Equipment Checkout Form.
  4. Cussing, swearing, or foul language will not be tolerated. Athletes should be respectful.
  5. The athletic training room is a coed facility. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
  6. The athletic training room is not a hangout area. Horseplay is not tolerated and athletes will be asked to leave if behavior is not respectful.
  7. No cleats, or shoes with grass and/or mud, are to be worn in the athletic training room.
    • Shoes are not to be placed on the treatment tables.
  8. All athletes must sign in before receiving ice, tape, or treatment.
  9. No food or drinks are allowed in the athletic training room (water is ok).