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Summer School  – June 11 - July 20              Independence Day Celebration  – Wed, July 4              Registration Appointments With GLCs  – July 9 - Aug 3              First Day Of School  – Mon, August 13


Class of 2019
Welcome Back!
Make sure to download and read through the Summer Registration Packet.
See below for the attachment
It's time to start thinking about college applications! If you need a letter of recommendation for Private schools, make sure to get started on your Senior Profile (Brag sheet) ASAP. You should be prepared to turn it in to your GLCs and teachers the
first month of school in the Fall.
See the attachments below for the presentation on Letter of Rec requests the GLCs did at lunch on May 1st. It will go over detail for detail what you need to do.
Then download the "Senior Profile Packet" link below.
 It is important that you start looking up and researching schools you are interested in. Part of that research is based on majors and career choices. You don't have to have a definite major but you should also start your search now so that you can make sure the colleges you are applying to have the majors want to have a degree in.
California Career Zone is a great website that you can start to do your career exploring. You can also continue to log in and use the California Colleges website in order to keep track of your A-g requirements, GPA, and research California Colleges by majors. Both are great resources to help with your college selection.
Also: Download the UC/CSU Approved Course list CLICK HERE
SAT or ACT.... You should take either the SAT or ACT by the end of your junior year.
Only one is required although you can take both tests and use your better score to send to the
colleges you apply to senior year. If you are not satisfied with your scores, you have the summer to study
and can retake the test for most colleges up until November 2018 (Nov senior year).
SIGN UP FOR THE SAT, click HERE or go to collegeboard.org
SIGN UP FOR THE ACT, click HERE or go to act.org
UC schools state "While SAT Subject Tests are not required, some campuses recommend that freshman applicants interested in competitive majors take the tests to demonstrate subject proficiency."
Click HERE to see the UC optional list of SAT Subject Test recommendations.
To see the requirements for the private schools, you need to go onto the each individual school's website to find out if SAT subject test are "required" or "recommended,"
We would encourage students to take the Subject tests if you are applying to UC or private schools. It gives the schools additional information about you to help them with their admissions decision.
SUMMER PROGRAMS AND SCHOLARSHIPS... Make sure to check the glc/guidance main page of the website. Look at all the tabs on the right hand side and towards the bottom is a link for "off campus opportunities." Please make sure to check there regularly to find out about summer opportunities and other off campus programs.
We have added a few resources for you to use.
DBHS RULES AND EXPECTATIONS: Below in the list of files you will find the Junior Year Presentation from the Day 2 Due Process meeting. This meeting allowed us to review school rules and expectations. Look for 11th Grade Due Process below. Also watch the Ted Talks Video in our presentation, and remember... GET GRITTY!
MATH TUTORING SCHEDULE: In addition, our MATH HELP schedule is now posted below. This MATH HELP schedule shows you where you can go for free Math Tutoring with a math teacher.
CSF ACADEMIC TUTORING: Monday-Thursdays 3:00-4:30 pm Room 602 or 606
See Below
Find us at brunch & lunch!

Mr. Gonzales: 2nd Bridge
Mrs. Burns: PE Covered Lunch Area and Amphitheater
Make sure to remember the "keys to success" to ensure a great year ahead! We have attached all of the keys to success below along with the summer information packet below.
1. COMMUNICATION: Do not hesitate to ask your GLC for help. We are your advocates on campus and are happy to assist you. Most problems that occur on campus could and should be avoided if the students involved simply seek our help first! Please be proactive, not reactive.
2. ATTENDANCE: Be on time everyday! If you are legally absent from school due to illness or a doctor/dentist appointment, you must bring in a signed note from your parent or legal guardian upon  returning to school. Oversleeping is not a legal excuse to be late or absent. Your parent/guardian must clear the full day absence within 2 days. Period absences (ex :missed 1st period only) must be cleared by brunch the following day. Detentions/SWAPs will be issued if they are not cleared.
Parents can also clear absences by calling the number below:
24 hour attendance number: 909-594-1860
3. HOMEWORK: Completing all assignments on a regular basis is essential to success in the classroom. Parents- please take advantage of Parent Portal to monitor grades.

4. CLOSED CAMPUS: You must never leave campus without permission! If you leave anytime other than your last class, you must sign out through the attendance office. If you arrive to school late, you must sign in with the attendace office.

5. CELL PHONES & iPODS: Brunch & lunch ONLY! Not passing period. Not during class. Don't do it...you WILL get a SWAP!
6. DRESS CODE: Please make sure to adhere to the dress code that is on the school website and in the student planner. No midriffs, Non-DBHS headgear, strapless tops and halter tops. First time violations will result in a SWAP.

Get involved on campus. Treat your teachers and other adults on campus with respect. Be kind. Help each other out. Most of all, have a wonderful freshmen year!