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STAR Reading

STAR Reading is a computer-adaptive reading test. As with any test, many factors can affect a student's scores. It is important to understand that these test scores provide only one picture of how a student is doing in school

National Norm Scores:

Grade Equivalent (GE): 10.0

Grade Equivalents scores range from 0.0 to 12.9+. A GE score shows how this student’s test performance compares with that of other students nationally. Based on the national norms, this student reads at a level equal to that of a typical tenth grader in the first months of the school year.

Percentile Rank (PR): 47

The Percentile Rank score compares this student’s test performance with that of other students nationally in the same grade. With a PR of 47, this student reads at a level greater than or equal to 47% of other students nationally in the same grade. This score is average.

Instructional Reading Level (IRL): 9.5

The Instructional Reading Level (IRL) is the grade level at which this student is at least 80% proficient at recognizing words and comprehending reading material. This student achieved an IRL score of 9.5. This means that he/she is at lease 80% proficient at reading ninth grade words and books.

Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD): 5.4 - 9.1

The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is the reading level range from which this student should be selecting books for optimal growth in reading. It spans reading levels that are appropriately challenging for reading practice. This range is approximate. Success at any reading level depends on interest and prior knowledge of a book's content.

Understanding the Report:
PR Range
38 - 59
9 - 5
5.4 - 9.1