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4-Year Plan

Creating a Four-Year Plan
All IB students should complete an IB Four-Year Plan to ensure that they will be able to fulfill all graduation and IB Diploma requirements. Bring this plan with you every time you visit the IB Coordinator with questions about the Diploma Program.
Use the information at the "IB Courses" link at the right to see the IB courses we offer, to see which courses are also AP, and to see which courses receive UC honors credit.  Click on the link "examples of subject choices" to see examples of higher level and standard level course choice combinations.
2. September through October, Ms. Ku will send you an email indicating whether or not the program you submitted will work.
3. Use the approved program to begin to generate your plan on the Four-Year Plan worksheet linked below.  Fill in the  courses you will take for four years for each of the higher level subjects.  Follow the course pathways, as they appear in course pathway pages ("course pathways" link at the right).
4.  Fill in the courses you will take for four years for each of the standard level subjects. Follow the course pathways, as they appear in the course pathway pages.
5. Fill in all remaining graduation requirements and electives. Make sure you include Theory of Knowledge for your senior year.
  • In your planning, use summer school to complete graduation requirements like Health and Civics and Economics. Honors classes and IB classes are not offered in the summer.
  • The prep program is an honors program. Do not substitute required honors courses with the non‐honors version. For example, to stay in the prep program, you must take Chemistry Honors, not regular Chemistry. You will be dropped from the prep program if you take the wrong courses.
  • If you wish to take a course at a school other than Diamond Bar High School, you must get the course pre-approved by the appropriate DBHS instructional dean.  See Ms. Ku if you need to know which dean to contact.