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DBHS IB Prep Freshman: 

The date of your "Four Year Plan Meeting" is November 7. 

If you have math periods 1-4, meet us in the Golden Horseshoe instead of going to your math class.

If you have math periods 5 or 6, meet us in Room 651 instead of going to your math class.


28 October 2019




The DBHS IB Prep Freshman Student/Parent Information night was WEDNESDAY September 18 in the DBHS Theatre. 

If you missed the meeting, you can view our presentation slides by clicking here.


Freshmen, make sure you complete the worksheet in the packet before the "Four Year Plan Meeting" on November 6.


19 September 2019




DBHS IB, BT, & PAA Presentations for incoming 9th graders

  • Wednesday, January 30 at 7pm in the MPR at Chaparral Middle School
  • Monday, February 4 at 6:30pm in the MPR at South Pointe Middle School


5 September 2018


The DBHS IB Prep Freshman Student/Parent Information night
is WEDNESDAY September 19 in the DBHS Theatre. This is a mandatory meeting for all prep freshmen and their parents. The meeting begins at 7pm. Thanks for arriving on time.

5 September 2018


The DBHS IB Prep Freshman Student/Parent Information night
is WEDNESDAY September 20 in the DBHS Theatre. This is a mandatory meeting for all prep freshmen and their parents. The meeting begins at 7pm. Thanks for arriving on time.

8 September 2017


CAS Introductory Meeting

Wednesday May 17 at 3:15pm is the time and date of our CAS Orientation Meeting for the IB Class of 2019.  This is where we introduce next year's junior class to the world of experiential learning.  All IB-declared, Class of 2019 students must attend. This meeting will last one hour and is in room 651.

3 May 2017


Two Big Announcements!

Sophomores at our February 12 decision meetings will be the first to hear two exciting announcements about additions to our IB program!  DBHS will now offer Chemistry Higher Level!  We will also offer Theory of Knowledge to IB Juniors and Seniors.

9 February 2015



Donations Are Important

The Diamond Bar High School IB program is always accepting donations.  Donated funds will support IB student activities, social events, our annual Alumni Reunion, and classroom supplies and activities that provide enriching experiences for our students.  Please consider supporting the great work of  our IB students and teachers by making a donation to our program.


Please make all checks payable to Diamond Bar High School and send them to Diamond Bar High School, attention: Dena Lordi, 21400 East Pathfinder Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Thank You!

26 January 2015


The Claremont Colleges

On January 22, we took the IB Class of 2016 to visit the Claremont Colleges.  This was part of our efforts to introduce ideas and activities from Theory of Knowledge to the IB students in their junior year.  This year we visited the Pomona College Museum of Art and saw the famous Prometheus mural on the Pomona College campus.  Then we walked up through all the Claremont Colleges to attend a mathematics lecture at Harvey Mudd College from Professor Michael Orrison.  What a great day!

26 January 2015


Sophomore Decision Coming Soon!

The DBHS IB prep sophomores must decide by March 4 whether or not they want to join the IB Class of 2016.  There are two mandatory informational meetings coming up for all sophomores who are considering accepting the IB Challenge:

  • Thursday February 12 at Lunch in the Theatre:  This meeting is for students only.
  • Thursday February 12 at 7:00pm in the Theatre:  Parents and students must attend this meeting.

Both of these meetings are all about helping students make an informed IB decision that is right for them.  Please contact Miss Lordi if you have any questions.

26 January 2015

The Application for 8th graders is posted!
Click on the link "Students in Grade 8" at the right for the DBHS IB Prep application and instructions. Don't forget to read the instructions!
29 January 2014

LA County Museum of Art

On Monday January 12, we took the IB seniors to LACMA.  This field trip was a joint activity with Ms. Gee's art classes and the IB Theory of Knowledge class.  The students worked together to discuss issues related to art, using the works of art at the museum as evidence for their arguments.  After the museum the students got to explore The Grove and the old LA Farmers Market for lunch!

26 January 2015


They Have Returned!


On January 7th, we enjoyed our annual IB alumni reunion.  In the morning many DBHS alumni came back to speak to the calculus students about their college experiences.  Then, the IB alumni gathered with the IB teachers and IB seniors for lunch.  The IB alumni present included students from as far back as our first graduating class (2005)!  It was great to see everyone and hear their stories.  This was also a valuable experience for our IB seniors.


26 January 2015



Information Nights for 8th Graders
If you are in 8th grade and would like to be part of our IB prep program, click on the link on the right titled Students in Grade 8. This page will give you updated information on our application process and the schedule for our 8th-grade information nights.
16 December 2014


December 5th Came Quickly!

Our seniors turned in their IB extended essays on December 5th. This paper represents a year of hard work and heavy thinking. Good Job, Seniors. You're almost done!

16 December 2014


Freshmen Four-Year Plans.  November 5 is the big day!


On Wednesday November 5, the DBHS IB prep freshmen will come to room 660 to meet with Miss Lordi during the period they normally have math.   During this meeting we will work together to develop an IB 4-year plan.   All prep freshmen should bring any work they've done on their 4-year plan. 

As explained at the September parent/student information meeting, all DBHS IB prep freshmen should use the form at http://program.dbhsib.org to make preliminary choices for the courses they will study to complete the IB program. We will use these choices to complete our four-year plans.   The course choices and these plans do not represent an absolute commitment. Students will definitely (and will probably!) change their minds several times before the time comes to make final choices.


31 October 2014



Field Trip For Juniors!


On October 30, the IB juniors will spent all day in training to write the IB extended essay.  This year-long research project is an important, core element of the IB diploma program.  Yesterday began with a presentation from Mrs. Clifford during first period.   This was followed by a field trip to Cal State Fullerton. Once there, a CSUF research librarian gave us instruction on using a college library. This is an important skill that the juniors will need to write their IB extended essay.  We finished the day back at DBHS with more instruction about how to choose a topic.


31 October 2014


What University Will You Attend? 
Click on the link below to see the colleges and universities that our IB diploma candidates are attending.  The list is extremely diverse.  It's important to remember that not every university represents a good fit for every student.  Begin to do your research early to find the school that fits you!


12 September 2014

The DBHS IB Prep Freshman Student/Parent Information night
is THURSDAY September 18 in the DBHS gymnasium. This is a mandatory meeting for all prep freshmen and their parents. The meeting begins at 7pm. Thanks for arriving on time.

12 September 2014

The exam results are in!

Congratulations to the IB Class of 2014!  The great success of the Class of 2014 has helped maitain the excellent record of DBHS IB students.  Since 2005, over 90% of diploma canidates from DBHS have achieved the IB diploma.

12 September 2014