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AP Program » AP Test Ordering and Collection Schedule.

AP Test Ordering and Collection Schedule.

  • Complete the information on the envelope given to you in your class. Make sure it is legible and in PEN.
  • List each test you will be taking, in the order you will be taking it.
  • Make sure you have marked YES on the college board website for each class you will be taking a test for. 
  • Make sure you list your teacher and the period in which you are taking each class.
  • Each test is $94.00 unless you have been granted a fee waiver. ( Deadline 9/20/19)
  • Total the amount of tests you are taking and multiply it by 94
  • We will accept checks and money orders only. NO CASH
  • Please have your parents write only one check for the total amount of ALL of your AP tests.
  • On the memo line write your student ID number and name.
  • Turn in the envelope on the correct day to Mrs. Cabase’s Office Room 424. You may only turn in envelopes before or after school at brunch and lunch. NOT DURING CLASS TIME.
  • If you are not enrolled in the class you will not be permitted to take the AP test on our campus. 


If your first test is:

Collection Day for your envelope is:

Government  or Physics C

Monday Sept. 23

Calc AB or Calc BC or Human Geography

Tuesday Sept 24

English Literature & Composition or European History or Physics 2

Wednesday Sept. 25

Chemistry or Physics 1

Thursday Sept. 26

U.S. History or Art History or Computer Science A or Studio Art

Friday Sept. 27

Biology or Chinese or APES

Monday Sept. 30

Spanish Language and Culture or Psychology

Tuesday Oct. 1

English Language and Composition or Economics or Music Theory

Wednesday Oct. 2

Computer Science Principles or  French or Statistics

Thursday Oct. 3

Make up/Late day

Friday Oct. 4