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Fall Registration Begins – Tues, July 6            First Day Of School / Minimum Day – Mon, Aug 9

Off Campus Opportunities

Updated 6/9


* Starting 3/16, all new postings will have the date posted next to each opportunity.
With the cancellation of many campus tours and outreach events, many universities have shifted to virtual tours and online outreach efforts. Please visit the websites of these universities to see all they are doing. In addition, make sure to read all correspondences received via email and check student portals for deadlines, to-do lists, and/or next steps. You have worked too hard to jeopardize admittance due to missing deadlines. 
Many campus offices are closed but they are checking emails. Now more than ever you need to be checking emails and looking to university websites as they are making updates frequently. 
See below for student opportunities off-campus. Below you will find links to college campus visits, internships, summer opportunities, and more. Please check back regularly for updates.

6/7 UCLA Emerging Scientists Program. The following are details regarding the summer STEM research competition:

  • No prior experience is required! (incoming juniors and seniors only)
  • Conduct STEM-based research on a topic of your choice.
  • Present your research topic in front of UCLA panelists and professors.
  • The top 3 contestants will be rewarded!
  • The schedule is tentative and subject to change (meetings on Saturday and Sunday 1-3 pm)
  • Check out the flyer attached below for contact information

This opportunity is a great way to enhance your college application and potentially receive a letter of recommendation from a UCLA professor! We can only accommodate a maximum of 10 people, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity! The deadline to sign up is June 11th.

Boston University Summer Term High School Programs. They have many different programs so please look through their website.    http://www.bu.edu/summer/high-school-programs/
4/14 Boston University Academy of Media Production is accepting applications to the Creative high school students develop their cinematic and journalistic storytelling skills producing films, videos, visual effects, webcasts and more at Boston University's Academy of Media Production. AMP's daily livestream is collaborative remote learning unlike anything you've ever experienced.    https://mailchi.mp/572a697dc5ae/apply-to-bus-academy-of-media-production-3860672?e=f160c4c964
California Conservation Corps. Get Paid while you train and earn scholarships. Open to individuals 18-25 years of age. See pdf below.
Cal State Los Angeles Early Entrance Program is for high school students who must be under the age of 16 by June 1st of the year in which they apply. EEP students, upon graduating from high school, pursue their baccalaureate degrees as full-time students at Cal State LA. The EEP IS NOT A TRANSFER PROGRAM. Students are expected to earn their degrees at this University. To find out more about the EEP please visit our website at https://www.calstatela.edu/academic/eep  Please also feel free to contact the EEP office at 323-343-2287 or by e-mail at eepstaff@calstatela.edu.
3/22 Coalition for Responsible Community Development. Paid Internship $15 hour. Are you between the ages of 14-24 and part of a low-income household? Gain 120 hours of meaningful and paid work experience in a professional setting. See CRCD youth at Work Flyer below. 
Cornell summer Precollege Studies. Experience the challenge of college study with Cornell faculty and earn college credit while still a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school.   https://sce.cornell.edu/precollege
5/3 East San Gabriel Valley ROP Summer School. Online classes from 6/14-7/22. Classes include Forensic Science, Graphic Arts and Multimedia, and Health Careers. See PDF below.
ED100. The Ed100 Academy for California High School Student Leaders is an online summer conference that prepares California high school student leaders with the knowledge and connections they need to make a difference in their school, in their community and beyond. 
Student leaders from hundreds of high schools throughout California will participate in this conference, which will include a who’s-who of amazing speakers and organizations. It’s an opportunity to learn about California’s education system, to examine the ongoing role of racism and inequality in it, and to collaborate with students from all over the state on productive options to take action on issues that matter. This conference will be held June 21-23. I hope you will accept the honor of representing your school at this conference. Please apply and use my name in your application. There is no fee.    https://ed100.org/blog/student-leader-academy
4/29 Georgetown University's Pre-College Online Program. Georgetown University is pleased to announce the launch of our new Pre-College Online Program—offering courses that enable high school students 13 and older to explore subjects they may wish to study in college. The program is launching with two interesting courses, Law and Medical Research, with more in the works.    https://georgetown.precollegeprograms.org/?utm_campaign=GT%3A%20Guidance%20Counselor&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=123532579&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8VAqndKYDvmFSaFoJc1zZNXlkicvcA77JT_Ynel3EG_9qmdHlQ2bbMoJbvAi9uFArw3g42-YC3sYXLvqoDiwVakV-9sw&utm_content=123532579&utm_source=hs_automation
Gettysburg College academic camps for high school juniors and sophomores. Please use this link to find more information.    https://www.gettysburg.edu/offices/conference-event-services/summer-programs?utm_source=slate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=reach-counselor-secondary-w
John Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Innovation. Summer Program. BMEI online. Created by Johns Hopkins faculty, this fully online course is designed to be equally challenging, collaborative, interactive as it is fun. Students will model human efficiency, the cardiovascular system, and design experiments to test these models and more. And students have the opportunity to earn college credit.    https://ei.jhu.edu/apply/application-materials/
Notre Dame Pre-College Programs: Application Open. A few different programs with different deadlines. 
5/13 Pasadena City College. PCC is hosting Lancer AnswerFest 2021 Saturday, June 5, 2021, from 10-2 pm. This event is a great opportunity for students, parents, and community members to apply and enroll at PCC.
This virtual experience will also showcase PCC’s Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, career, transfer opportunities, and programs for students.
PSAT/NMSQT Did you know that PSAT/NMSQT results can help you save time studying for the SAT? When you sign up for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy and link your College Board account, we’ll create a practice plan just for you that will keep you focused on the areas you need to study most.    https://learn.khanacademy.org/sat-kickoff-week/?utm_source=cbemail-01763-084-edu-signup&utm_medium=cb418-email&utm_campaign=educator&SFMC_cid=EM262308-&rid=71366279
5/27 Through My Lens Photo Contest Contest is open to Diamond Bar residents of all ages and photographers of all skill levels. Entrants will be separated into two divisions, Youth (17 years and younger) and Adult (18 years and older). Deadline: Entries must be received by City Hall offices or via email no later than August 31, 2021.    https://www.diamondbarca.gov/252/Through-My-Lens-Photo-Contest
University of California (UC) List of all k-12 UC programs
UC Berkeley Pre-College Scholars Summer Virtual Program
The Pre-College Scholars Summer Virtual Program http://precollege.berkeley.edu/virtual allows continuing high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and learn with Berkeley students and visitors from around the world. Students can choose from various lower-division courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM, and much more! 
UCI Division of Continuing Education Taught by UCI faculty and industry professionals, high school students can benefit from hands-on learning to advance academic and professional skills in a variety of interests. What a great way to gain a college experience, enhance their college resumé and explore an area of study.    https://ce.uci.edu/emails/highschool/highschool_202011.html
4/13 UCSB Transfer Program for Seniors! UCBS's TMIH program is designed to provide early support for high school students interested in transferring to the University of California system from a California Community College. TMIH curriculum includes information on the UC admissions process, financial aid, support programs and academic enrichment opportunities. Seniors will also have the opportunity to establish direct communication with UCSB transfer admission counselors. The goal after the program is to establish and maintain contact with seniors via email campaigns, webinars and newsletters informing them about important events, deadlines and opportunities throughout their transfer journey.
Who can Apply?
The TMIH program has been available to local schools but will now be a fully online program available to all CA high school students. We have eight available sessions for students to register for in which the same information will be covered. Students will be able to select their preferred time/date and will receive registration information within a week of their session.
What is the Deadline?
The priority deadline for student registration is May 1st. Students may apply for the program through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9VjNfJOUbRBFCCVhDIdegMC3nwjN7bCEzFggapvuJ0ems9w/viewform
3/18 The University of Michigan Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan is excited to be offering a virtual course that high school students can participate in this summer, The Joy Of Coding, which takes place July 5, 2021-August 13, 2021.
The Joy of Coding is an online course specially created for anyone who wants to experience first-hand the power and thrill of coding computers to do amazing things. Created with high school students in mind, it is a great way for anyone to step into the wondrous world of coding. You’ll learn by doing and experience how coding powers apps such as Snapchat and TikTok.
No prior coding experience is required! Anyone who wants to learn is welcome!
Students will:
• Learn to code at their own pace with support from Michigan ECE faculty and students
• Have weekly coding lectures/assignments using an interactive textbook
• Have our commitment to help you get unstuck when learning to code
• Receive a certificate of accomplishment to include in college applications
Please visit our website for further information including math prerequisites, cost ($99), important dates, and more! For priority consideration, please submit an application by April 30, 2021!
Washington University in St. Louis Summer Programs and Upcoming Virtual Events