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Log 1

The Log1 Competition is a smaller team competition that occurs at lunch several times throughout the year.  Will we post more information here later.  Your teacher may recruit you for this team.  The information below refers to the final standings from last year (2017-2018).


The Log1 Competition has finally come to a completion for the school year. Our team ranked second in our Region (1 of 4), and our region consisted of 68 high schools and 1043 competitors. Our top scorers in the highest category (Mu) were all math club officers. Matthew Ho (8th), Qinhong Chen (9th), Felix Su (14th), Tim Yeh (19th), and William Shao (32nd). It comes as no surprise that these five students also made the cut for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination this year (out of only 6 overall from DBHS).


An impressive freshman who is currently taking honors Calculus (Nathan Song) placed 39th in the Mu Category.


In the middle category we had three in the top 40: Warrick He (18th), Keng Lam (22nd), and Chelsea Wu (39th).


In the lower category, we also had three in the top 40: Wilson Zhu (22nd), Prokawn Majumdar (24th), and Brandon Kam (40th).


In addition, our school was awarded, for the second consecutive year, a cash prize of the nearest hundredth approximation of the mathematical constant e ($271.82) for being a top 10 school in our region!


Thank you all for your support in making this year’s math competitions a success!