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Math » American Mathematics Competition

American Mathematics Competition

Each year about 100 Brahmas participate in the American Mathematics Competition.  This is a national test.  If our competitors score high enough, they will move on to the American Invitational Mathematics Exam.
DBHS students will have two opportunities to participate in the 2019 AMC.
  • The AMC-A is on Feb 7, periods 1 and 2. 
    To take that test, you must have signed up as a member of the math team or have been nominated by your teacher.
  • The AMC-B is on Feb 13 after school. This second chance for student participation is a fundraiser for the math team. Students can by sign up at http://amcb.dbhsmath.org. Since we have limited seats for these tests, it's important that students register ASAP!
Both tests have two levels. If you are in grades 9 or 10, you may take the AMC-10 or the AMC-12. If you are in grades 11 or 12, you must take the AMC-12.
Interested students with questions should ask their math teacher about the two tests and how to sign up.
Click on the links below to see the questions, answers, and solutions from the most recent tests as well as past exams and the solutions.