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Hello and Welcome to Mrs. Ruiz-Emmons page. Here you can find information for the following classes Business Math, Small Business/Entrepreneurship (Virtual Enterprise will be incorporated into the Entrepreneurship courses.) 

In order to create and maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to inquiry and learning, I expect students to follow all the school's guidelines for behavior as well as the following expectations for the classroom:

1. Arrive on time and be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.
2. Except for plain water, do not eat or drink while in class.
3. Be open and respectful about other's ideas and points of view. Be respectful in stating your own ideas and points of view.
4. Refrain from side conversations and raise your hand to participate.
5. Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before entering the classroom.
6. Do your own work; do not copy, plagiarize, or cheat.
7. Come to class prepared to participate by having completed reading and other assignments.
8. Keep an open mind so that you can critically analyze and evaluate ideas and concepts.
9. Follow instructions the first time they are given.
10. Respect the classroom workspace by cleaning up after yourself and treating supplies, furniture, and equipment with care.
11. Do not leave the classroom until the teacher dismisses you.
12. Sleeping in class = referral. 

 Referral to GLC.

Late Work Policy


A student may turn in late work for the current Chapter; points will be deducted for late work.  Once the students test out of the Chapter no late work will be accepted. For example, If we are learning Chapter 7, no work from any past Chapters (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) will be accepted. NO ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED ONCE THE CHAPTER TEST IS TAKEN.  


The number of days a student is absent is the number of days he/she is afforded to submit absent work.


9/18 Late start
9/26 Gross Pay vs. Net Pay project due 9/26
Entrepreneurship- Virtual Enterprise
The same Classroom Standards Apply for Virtual Enterprise
Virtual Enterprises International is a comprehensive business course offered to junior and senior business students. This exciting course will give students an opportunity to plan and operate a virtual business from the ground up. Students will work in various departments, which include Accounting, Marketing & Design, Sales/Purchasing, Human Resources and Administration. Unlike a traditionally taught high school course, the teacher in this class guides the students as they make all decisions relating to their business.
Students will continue to work on their tasks assigned to each department. Tasks are listed on the Virtual Enterprise website. https://veinternational.org/
students will be responsible for assignments on google classroom 


Virtual Enterprise Testimonials